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Sometimes words spoken or written by others hit a nerve, make a point, provoke, and not just a mere thought but myriads of thoughts….that are too important to ignore.

Angst, about when the sky will finally fall, real or imagined, is palpable. This is not about Chicken Little. This is about us.

My Reader and I have been busy keeping an even keel, so to speak. We’ve  been at the drawing table and in the studio working on new projects and new studies of colour and composition.

To that end, sharing words from another voice,, and art  from my studio…seems an appropriate beginning for integral change…

(Thank you Jill…for your words.)



13 thoughts on “NOT MY WORDS…

  1. I have never met ‘a word’ I could or would trust completely. But I have met ‘a few thoughts’ I could shack up with.

    And what’s this, a hare under bleu moon caught in the lore of a flooded brush. As I of late write about an ancient road designed by a rabbit. Wise is the rabbit don’t you think.

    You wear time in the studio well. It looks good on you.


    1. Breathless and hoppy-like-a-hare. Words are great and some thoughts greater still. Studio is buzzing while great thoughts humming. Too much and yet not great enough to record in words…still they abound and overwhelm. That dizzy-effect whilst dancing wildly under brightly lit mirrored ball to favourite tunes and then some. Hold on……


      1. What you been smok’n? But I understand the energy and euphoria when everything comes together and combusts. Looking forward to viewing your shtufffs.

        You might have just described
        Canada after July as pot becomes legal nation wide.


  2. Ah, so great to have time to leave my calling card at your door, and to enjoy peering thru the window and seeing this fresh and poetic painting! When the world news is gloomy, it’s nice to have a balance – like basking in the moment of make-believe, as I linger at the back door, pinch a bit of rosemary from the pot and ponder the promise of springtime.

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    1. Your new home sounds exactly like mine….sort of. Yours a wee bit greener, wildly coloured and multi-cultured both flora, fauna and friends. Mine, yes greener and greener still, my colours made up on the drawing table….flora, fauna and friends waiting for Spring to show their true colours. Envy your adventurous spirit….mine was to move 60 miles south. I think even though not far…..a very good move. Hope yours, too, My Lovely Friend. OXRRR


  3. Good article. Thanks for linking to it. I’m a little less pessimistic in that although I agree the integrity in politics is abysmal, I think there is still a lot of integrity in the medical system, the schools, the police world, etc., especially since I know good people with lots of integrity who work in all theses fields. Unfortunately, bad apples taint it for everyone else, which is why we must continue to fight for strong leaders who can weed the bad out. Of course, we failed horribly at this with this past election, and our integrity is indeed nosediving as the article you linked to attests. Hopefully we’ll do better next time. Our integrity—and a lot more—depends on it!

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    1. Carrie….couldn’t be more in agreement with your comment on “hopefully we’ll do better next time”. Too much at stake…our children’s future…to assume all is well on the home front.
      Thank you for your comment. Raye

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  4. Beautiful painting, your words, added to Jill’s… Power!
    And I am happy that you are in the studio, doing and improving on what you do!


    1. Missy Lovely D….figured out how to use my computer again…albeit slow but steady. Thanks always for you hanging around and giving me that hand-up when I need it most. XOXRRR


    1. Sharon, it does look mysterious, doesn’t it? This particular watercolour was a birthday present for my BFF’s daughter. It does have particular meaning to “us”….a long story too friendship ridden that would bore the best of listeners into a deep, deep sleep. Hoping this brief explanation takes some of the mystery out of LAPIN BLEAU. Nice to see you…it has been a while….has it not? R.

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