This is not a true story…

He paused when he entered the room and made eye contact with no one. Was he embarrassed?

Him…embarrassed? No. Impossible. It had to be something else. Something important. Dire,

perhaps? Whatever it was it was in his eyes. Unmoving. Staring at something but nothing. Vacant.

Those who had filled the room and had been waiting for him, began to feel the difference…the before and

now the now. (Actually, those who decided to show up had more a curiosity than anything else.) Ear to ear

whispers created a soft murmur throughout the gathering. One would be correct in assuming they were

they were waiting for answers to their unasked questions. What happened? When? Was there even a why?

He looked up.

The murmurs subsided.

Face off…


8 thoughts on “THIS IS NOT…

  1. Jots!! You’re back! This looks like one of Doug’s tennis doubles partners…face off? DOUBLE? Masquerade? Hmmmm….. xoxoxoxoxo


  2. Raye!

    I cannot tell you how happy I am to see you here!
    And for him… I’ve met him somewhere… His presence is immediately felt when he enters… kind of like you 🙂
    But it’s not a true story so…


      1. Miss RRR…. Glad to hear you are around, snooping in the background. I miss you and would love to chat with you, lovely lady! xoxoxo

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