jot (jot) v.t. To make a hasty note of.

jot-ting (jot-‘ing) n. A brief note.

__n. The least bit; an iota.

i-o-ta (i-o-ta) n. A small or insignificant mark or part.

__Syn. 2. jot, particle, shred, speck, whit.

It’s difficult to know what to say out loud. Shout about. Or, duck tape the mouth about.  My Reader has proclaimed non-bearing of grudges and certainly no annoying voices of gripes, vexedness, and/or bad attitudes.

My Reader encourages the least bits. With humour, please. Yes. Humour is good.

That about says it all.

Observations here and there with a whit of whim.

Sometimes in a hurry.

Sometimes not…