“And some artists try to make something out of nothing, order out of chaos, demanding of themselves that they ably communicate structure and composition, colour and balance, and that each piece they create serve to communicate a predetermined issue as well. A piece of art asks people to stop and look in a world of moving images. If people take the time to pause before canvas, bronze, glass or word, a worthy effort is one which does something more than act as nonverbal panegyric to the talents of its creator. It doesn’t call for notice. It calls for thought.”

For The Sake Of Elena, (1993) Inspector Lynley series by ELIZABETH GEORGE,  Mystery Writer, Novelist

My Reader wanted to know what PANEGYRIC meant. I did, too. From The OXFORD, Third Edition: n. laudatory discourse; eulogy. Now we all know and can slip panegyric snippets of floating-our-boats, long-winded sentences into conversation with friends and colleagues. No doubt one of us will soon be asked to give TED TALKS. No doubt.

No. Not yet.

My Reader says to never-mind about TED because there are bigger fish to fry.

I’m going to have query My Reader about that…that bigger fish to fry…since I have only a very small cast-iron fry pan.

That bigger fish most likely isn’t going to fit.



38 thoughts on “FALLING INTO BED…

  1. Who needs a big fish to fry, when the smaller usually tast so much better. Thanks for humouring me with this post. And the watercolour is gorgeous, capturing the atmosphere of autumn and calling for thoughts in the viewer.

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  2. Look at you throwing colour around like you own it. Autumn! You probably still have colour dripping from the edge your mouth.. Now that you’ve made your bed,you and all of us must now lay in it. For better or for worst. But with you it is always for the better. Thank you for this Little Miss Mystic. Those, these, are colours to be buried in.

    Artist, they’ll hot wire anything, take for it for a joyride , then return it a little different than it was before. Sometimes even unrecognizable. Your right though, just because a viewer cannot see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. And just because an artist doesn’t talk, doesn’t mean he or she has nothing to say.

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    1. I too have yet to, aFa, to toss that little bit of a panegyric illusion into any conversation. Might have to throw a party of some kind, you think? A dance party? A TANGO dance party…..working on it!

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  3. I overly love your play on words with the title. In this case, my surprise brought forth a smile. Your public praise for the season through your art is very admirable and commendable. Cheers … and have a bountiful day of smiles ahead.

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    1. Goodness….for shame on me for falling asleep giving my own TEDDLIES! Some worth listening to. Some….well….we’ll leave it there…in my dreams. You make many of us smile, Sista…the adventurous one of all of us. Cast-iron resilience. That’s what I admire. OXOR

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  4. That would be one TEDTalk that would trump all others!!!!

    Goodness, now I am ‘missing’ a good cast-iron skillet.. it’s been years since one was in Z’s kitchen… next trip back to the states, I’ll have to figure out how to manage ‘tucking’ that into my luggage!

    Thanks for the smile – and for sharing that refreshing painting – the colors are clear without any mud – The header image is great too! It makes me smile as well!

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  5. Nothing makes me happier than seeing an email for a post from Jots in my inbox. Well, nothing besides another email – which shall be answered shortly!

    This is a most beautiful piece. I include the words with the gorgeous art into one piece. I think the frying pan is the size it should be…

    As to panegyric – I had to look up what it’s supposed to sound like. Were I to be foolish enough to use it in a sentence, I should definitely NOT want to prove my lah-dee-dah-wanna-be-ness by mispronouncing the bloody thing…

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    1. Ah…there you are! Reason why I post from time-to-time….just to hear from you and aFa. Responding to email later when I know. Oh…in the meantime….Ooo LA LA…Bon! Tre bon! Better in Spanish…tres bien!

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    1. DK, So many choices: pack more in to over flowing? include “just enough”? do less than a few? forget about the fry-up altogether? get a bigger pan? There’s an allegory in there somewhere…

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  6. I tend to disagree with Elizabeth George. Art calls for both notice and thought. It makes us see the world perhaps for the first time. This is becoming increasingly difficult in a world of insensitive souls absorbed in their electronic toys. (I love your art, by the way. The colors are stunning!)

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    1. Hugh, unbeknownst to you, your comments and soft, admiring acceptance about what I do, my ART, means the world….admiration much the same as my awe over the word smithing in your own arena. About that small frying pan….as I told DK above…The allegory, opaque as it is, much like seeing ART where others see nothing…

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    1. You and Andy inspire me to “try” new things, new techniques. I did the paint on glass printing…not a huge success story but I do have one salvageable piece to “think about”.
      I’m taking a watercolour class at the moment…seeing the sky has no limits! Thank you. R.

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      1. Ooh, that’s lovely to hear! I’m so glad you’ve given it a go. (I would say that I probably get about 1 in 5 success rate, which doesn’t sound great, but makes it even more of a triumph when it works!) I hope you have a great time at the watercolour class; from here it looks like it’s giving you valuable inspiration. Let’s see more, and bring on the experiments! 🙂 🙂


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