“And some artists try to make something out of nothing, order out of chaos, demanding of themselves that they ably communicate structure and composition, colour and balance, and that each piece they create serve to communicate a predetermined issue as well. A piece of art asks people to stop and look in a world of moving images. If people take the time to pause before canvas, bronze, glass or word, a worthy effort is one which does something more than act as nonverbal panegyric to the talents of its creator. It doesn’t call for notice. It calls for thought.”

For The Sake Of Elena, (1993) Inspector Lynley series by ELIZABETH GEORGE,  Mystery Writer, Novelist

My Reader wanted to know what PANEGYRIC meant. I did, too. From The OXFORD, Third Edition: n. laudatory discourse; eulogy. Now we all know and can slip panegyric snippets of floating-our-boats, long-winded sentences into conversation with friends and colleagues. No doubt one of us will soon be asked to give TED TALKS. No doubt.

No. Not yet.

My Reader says to never-mind about TED because there are bigger fish to fry.

I’m going to have query My Reader about that…that bigger fish to fry…since I have only a very small cast-iron fry pan.

That bigger fish most likely isn’t going to fit.