If we started counting…

The bus drivers who take your children to school, or you to work.

The paper-people who deliver your morning read to your front porch, the bush next to your front porch, or miss entirely and hit the roof.

The cab driver who doesn’t ask questions and doesn’t sing, or both.

The Post Office letter carrier who, without fail, loads your mailbox with advertisements, bills…and that long awaited letter.

The neighbour who asks you to help dig up some tree roots in their garden not explaining how big the roots are before you say “Sure, no problem.”

The you of you, and said neighbour who cancel the root-removal repayment of lunch the following day because muscles are so sore neither one of you can lift eating utensils.

The Street Sweeper guys in big trucks.

The Rubbish Men in big trucks.

The airline pilots and crew who bring you home safe and never fail to leave your door exit with “you have a nice day”, but would really like to thank you for not creating chaos on the flight.

The neighbours who wave at you from their cars as you mow your lawn.

The Weather Men who predict and advise.

The Little Ones who fill your life with joy.

The Big Ones who persevere their lot in life as pains-in-asses.

The Big Ones who know you and still love you, and continue to be your friend.

What if we counted all of them? Maybe more. Maybe less. But counted them just the same.

How many would that be? Maybe more? Maybe less? Maybe just enough?

Count them.

Count them in….




15 thoughts on “SOMETHING TO BE SAID…

  1. You are bringing us such uplifting posts – and with a bonus of amazing art!

    I am grateful for so many people who touch my life, and there is a big share right here on Word Press. My life is better because of you. Thank you!

    Si, if we just pull in our reins and view every single soul as a precious jewel – some more polished than others – we soon find a way to see the good in all of them. Some, however, give me a bit more trouble in seeing the positive, but I try. The best way to remember that is the Ram Dass quote, ‘treat everyone you see like God in drag.’


    1. I’m not sure, Tony, why my comments are closed? I’ve always got something to say…no matter how long it takes! Ha!! I will be so glad when “all this” is over. Nerves are shot…
      Thank you for always being kind with your comments. xRaye


  2. I gave up following – or at least replying to – everyone except you on WordPress, when things got overwhelming over the last couple of years. You stay quiet, then burst through like the Raye of sunshine you are!

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    1. Anne, I was joyed, joyous, and filled with…joy to read your comment. I do apologize for the delayed response. No joy in that! It sounds as if the weather and a wee bit more has taken some of the j-word (yes again the j-word) our of your beautiful sails. My daughter never fails to make me smile when she imparts “Chin up, Little Buckaroo!” I could be over stepping the river rocks that sometimes trip us up. Nay. Nay. One step at a time…
      I’d love to hear from you again. Soon! xxRaye


    1. Morning, Keith! With all the complicated stuff clogging the air, sitting on my porch one very early morning brought clarity…if not (also) a mild case of frostbite. It’s the simple things done at/for our behest, asked or not, paid or not, neither thanked nor noticed that should be the reminder…we are all the better for…being better friends, spouses, strangers. Thank you for assisting me to stand tall on that Soap Box. Your turn….


      1. Back at you. There is more good going on than is reported. We just need to shine the spotlight and thank people when we see it, of course, doing our own part to be a good neighbor, friend and family member.

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    1. In keeping this missive from becoming a tome of gratefulness… I’ve left out the Special Ones met through WordPress. One Very Special One would be you, Missy D. It’s always about the journey, no? And a never ending one at that…so it seems. Here’s to us…you and me. Xoxo Raye


      1. You are One Very Special One yourself, RRR. It is definitely always about the journey – and I think the fact it is never ending is a good thing!
        Cheers to us! xoxo Dale

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