Dear Mr President (POEM)


It is curious, is it not, how others find us via our posts in the round-about-traffic, that interchange between and beyond you and me, and me and you, and you? What makes Ellie’s POEM of consequence to me?

I’ve begun to wonder what “kids”* think about as they look toward tomorrow. Their future. *(Kids defined loosely and to include all those “youngsters” who look twelve years old but now have college degrees and/or careers, and/or work in professional or semi-professional fields of endeavour, and just may be your physician.)

Question: do they even give-a-toss about the consequences of decisions being made today, in and on their behalf,  by governments (all governments, if you will) that affect their future and will have a lasting effect on their own future decisions?

Answer: Obviously yes.

Thank you, Ellie.


17 thoughts on “Dear Mr President (POEM)

  1. One of your lines in your earlier post this year “The answers, they thought, might be found in the confusion, the indecision, even the non-answers” somehow seems to fit this line of thought Ellie has with her words.

    Love the painting, and wishing you a wonderful day as we drift through the tail end of summer!


  2. Kids don’t think. Thankfully.

    I did. And it scared the hell out of me. Then I had to escape. In to stone, paint, bits of of this and that. Now, in old age, I retreat, not escape. Into the arms of sunrises, oceans and forests. To figure out ways to tinker with misconceptions. Maybe a glass of lemon-AIDE is what all need to not be overwhelmed by the trump card played.


  3. Smashing lemons and a very beautiful surface, Raye. What are they doing in the company of a wrinkled old orange? 😉 Thanks also for sharing the poignant poem. My 14 year old son was devastated when he heard the news about the withdrawal from the Paris agreement (and he wasn’t alone). But a few small shoots of hope seem to be arising in individual states… you can’t keep a good country down.


  4. Thank you so much for sharing, dear Raye. Ellie is a bright, young lady and it is truly amazing how we discover other bloggers of all ages and from all races from all over the world. The circles draw us ever closer to each other.

    And, it is so obvious that what happens in the US affects the rest of the world. We are all watching, cringeing…

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  5. Often think of you, Carol…looking at your wonderful art and fitting in to a new community. I shall be doing the same in a few weeks….a completely new community! Strangely different environment than my “normal” (whatever normal is) comfort zone. But….I have a wonderful space for my art studio. Don’t you just love it when….a plan comes together!!! My best, Raye


  6. Raye, it is indeed a lemon of a President. Young folks look at this man and wonder, why did you older folks force this obviously shallow, egotistical, lying man on us? If this represents what you think we need to do, then maybe we should listen less. to your opinion. You were supposed to be the adults in the room. If you only looked at the lemon’s history, none of this would be a surprise. If you only listened to his biographers who all said, do not vote for this man, fewer people would have

    This is not just a lemon, it is an Edsel. And, as the poem says, we cannot turn our back on our problems. And, once he is fired, we only have a sycophant in waiting.


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    1. I so agree, Keith. Out of the frying pan into the fire… Thank you for your comment. If you looked at Ellie’s profile…she’s from New Zealand. Talk about Trump stomping on all areas of the world affecting more than just our own “kids” in this hemisphere. Shame on us for allowing this to happen in the first place.

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