Dinner with James


We’ll be dining in the kitchen…surrounded with the savory aromas of a holiday meal all day in preparation. The reclaimed, battered and bruised farm table is covered with a treasured cloth sprinkled with rose images that mirror a Renaissance floral still-life. It is etched with faint stains from many meals now past, and creased permanently from years of being tucked away in the drawer used only for special occasions. Yes, this would be one of those occasions in the making.

Just for you.

Flatware. China. Wine glass. In place. Crackers on the platter waiting for the cheese to arrive.

Oven roasted, butter-basted breast of chicken. Baked skin-on potatoes and brussel sprouts. Par-boiled parsnips.

Flakey pastry,  sugar-crusted currant and toasted pecan wee pies, sitting in a puddle of Chantilly cream. (Make that two for me, please.)

And…the one festive fig.

Light the candles.

Pour the wine.

NOTE: Most all of the images I use for my watercolour inspirations are photographs I’ve personally taken.  “Dinner with James”,  however, was a personal photograph of James he shared with me, and was used with his permission.  Well-known East Sussex, Seaford photographer James Taylor of  and I have collaborated before on another project OUR BENCH. Many thanks and smiles to James as I’ve not only borrowed his image this time (again with permission) but his kitchen, as well.  [It seems, James…you are having company for dinner…..! R]