What can you write about…a bench?
Why would you write about a bench?
It is  something you sit on.
It comes in all shapes, sizes, and materials.



You can sit on a bench alone.
With a friend.
With many friends. Old and young.
With strangers. Old or young.

Benches can be found…anywhere.
In likely places.
In unlikely places.
In surprising places.

Benches relieve tired bodies after long walks.
Benches give  moments to view the view.
Benches evoke memories of words spoken…
And sometimes words left unsaid  for silent reasons.

This bench reminds me of home.
The England home I left behind.
My lovely and cherished friends.

Who remind me,
Yes, I can
Come home again.


The above water colour is my interpretation of a photograph I saw on http://jdtphotography.co.uk/2012/05/30/found-on-all-great-coastal-paths/. Please click on the provided link to see James original photograph. James and I  corresponded for several weeks prior to this posting. Even with an eight-hour time difference between our two homes, his East Sussex, England..mine Portland, Oregon we found common ground in publishing my work based on his photograph of a bench…which we now refer to as…”Our Bench.” It is with his permission that I am able to publish my artistic water colour rendering of his original photograph.

Accreditation: All effort has been made between James, jdtphotography.co.uk and myself to meet all copyright laws and honour his professionalism.  Please click on the provided link to visit his website and view all his work. My admiration for his view of the view is understated and…endless.

Thank you, James.