meticulusmick posted a gallery of Irish bright green photographs. He put out a challenge not too difficult to deal with: show a bit of Portland Oregon green.

Portland’s real colours are a few weeks away according to the weather man, but this sampling is just a wee bit of what is to come in my small part of the world….

I’ve shown you mine.

Show me yours. It’s part of the deal…


20 thoughts on “PART OF THE DEAL…

  1. Raye, many thanks. Beautiful. When is the best time to visit the northwest? I have been suggesting to my bride a Vancouver, Seattle, Portland trip. This will help. Thanks, BTG


    1. Well!!!! Let me tell you when…..smiling like a Cheshire Cat…..right now is beautiful…fall colours. However, I don’t think they compare with your NC tree shows. It does get iffy this time of year…the rains are a’comin’.
      That leaves June, July, August and beginning of September. July/August mostly wet-free throughout the NW. Generally speaking our hot weather in July/August is humid free and beautiful.

      You’ve picked three of the most beautiful NW cities to visit!! And…would love to meet you and Mrs. BTG should you make it to Portland. Smiling here…..!


  2. One of the most picturesque cities on the west coast. Great pictures and thanks for sharing them. Always a treat


  3. Love the pics. Portland is picturesque in many ways … yep, been there twice. 🙂 Favorite pics are the green & reds leaves. … and Good Morning to my favorite Portlandian. Are you ears itching today?


    1. Oh…FrankA…you do make me smile! These photos (above) were quickly snapped after a brisk walk in the downtown area. Not great. Not artistic at all. However, when you love, love, love this time of year…it’s difficult not to get caught up in the show of colour. It fades so quickly….the rains are a’comin’…..


        1. Hoping for the best…family
          Hadn’t got around to reading your “current” post until just now. Spent the day with my Step-Father at the Home. Don’t ask….


    1. Looks as if you’ve might have started something, MM. There may be several “contributions” to the GREEN DEAL. And…be gentle in the night, Sweet Prince…don’t make the challenges harder…make them interesting and filled with song!!! Doable?


  4. I like Portlandia. Is it just a good looking office building holding lots of bankers / lawyers etc. or is there a specific purpose? Like the vines and cannot wait for the full show to arrive! Yours in waiting, MM 😉🍀🌳


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