Do you ever find it difficult to put into words…words that capture the event…that do justice to every sensory, audible and emotion felt? Can you convey, really convey what happened? Can you describe the experience as whole and not just parts of the whole?  Can you adequately describe what the mind imprinted, and what now has become a mere block of time with memory images?

Then the words come. Not from inside you but from inside somewhere, someone else. The words are…perfect.

 Lyrics to ONE DAY LIKE THIS* by Elbow

Throw those curtains wide

One day like this a year would see me right

Throw those curtains wide

One day like this a year would see me right for life


One day back from England found me sitting in the hair salon chair telling the stylist about the holiday just taken with good friends, meeting new friends, food eaten, places seen. After all was said and done, both story and hair trim, the stylist turned and asked, “Sounds as if you should still be in England…when are you moving back?” 


Maybe one day just like this…

*ONE DAY LIKE THIS Credit: Songwriters: G.Garvey/C. Potter? M. Potter/P Turner/R. Jupp

 Many thanks to James who not only delivered a print of his I purchased to our Seaford Hill House Bed & Breakfast, but spent the entire next day with us. We climbed over stiles, and walked through sheep pastures.  James then took us to OUR BENCH,  had a photo taking marathon, and then showed us his beautiful view of the Seven Sisters white chalk cliffs in Seaford. Thank you, J. Always, R.     The link to his professional website is HERE.