The Dancer stood. Then moved toward the floor. No need for another. The music moved The Dancer. Along with the others. In confident directions. Last dance. Last call.                                


"...The sound of silence. Background noises no longer there... painful spaces of time... Other sounds eventually fill the empty space..." __ Other sounds do eventually fill the empty spaces that once filled a home that played the daily tune of "BEWARE OF THE DOG"... whether a big bark threat or not. He spoke openly about... Continue Reading →

Sometimes things just get away from you. The day. Time. The weather. A swear word (or words) that is or are supposed to be silent but end up being  out-loud swear word(s). Really LOUD out-loud swear word(s). Don't you just hate that when it happens? Occasionally I do, but most of the time not so... Continue Reading →


I already know that My Reader is not going to believe what I’ve done to keep from writing this much-needed award recognition from: I'm Not Lost Just Weird, jensine, Zen and Genki, and last, but not least, BASED ON A TRUE STORY. Below is a bone fide list of “working avoidance tasks”  I’ve used and ... Continue Reading →

…and, on another Note…

This is for posterity. This is for My Children when they decide to sell my piano at the garage sale…for free. After I’m dead. I hope.  This is, also,  to let My Children know that “No,  I did not nor do I love My Piano more than I love them, My Children”  and…since they aren‘t... Continue Reading →


Yesterday was one of those delirious yet delicious happy days. Therefore, this is going to be one of those delirious yet delicious happy stories that may not go down well especially if My Reader woke up this morning in a bad-ass mood and  is not  in a delirious-delicious happy receiving mindful place. I’ll be kind... Continue Reading →


I’ve got a confession to make:  I’m in love with Lyle Lovett. I’m fairly comfortable  making this  declaration out loud in writing  because  the only person who reads JOTS is on holiday. (I do so hope My Reader remembers to bring me a present.) You must realize by now that Lyle and I have a... Continue Reading →

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