PENN'S TABLE                    Watercolour by RRiederMy Reader says I've been reading too much. Reading and listening to the daily news, overhearing conversations, listening to opinions from all sides, some aloud some silent but seen face-on just the same. There's something to be said about that, but you won't hear it directly from me nor My Reader.... Continue Reading →


FIG ON A PLATTER ON the ninth day Before Christmas It came as a vision A flash. No, a scare! THIS FIG Was just sitting On a silly green plate In the shape of a pear. AS if by a thread Poised high in mid-air A twee bit of mistletoe Was hanging just…there. WHAT could... Continue Reading →


WHITE CHAIRIf I wrote to you would you answer?Not because you won’t but because you haven’t.Is it because of all those things I said on pages? I don’t know what else to say that would erase all those words expressed with pen to paper. On those pages euphoria of time and place got the better... Continue Reading →


My Reader believes that we are what we quote, undoubtedly because of the folder I keep stuffed with scraps of paper of others’ words, albeit quotes, that resonate to the core. The folder on my desk is a cornucopia of borrowed lines. Words written by the famous, infamous, and sometimes nefarious goons who, on occasion,... Continue Reading →

Fetish for FIGS…

Fetish for FIGS... It came as a challenge It came as a dare, So I went to the studio And plopped in my chair.  What began as the one But concluded with four, It became quite apparent There was room for one more.  Five FIGS to be settled In harmonious collusion, On a bed of... Continue Reading →


Time off for good behavior (defined loosely) has its benefits: time to organize and re-organize whatever needs to be moved, washed and dried, thrown-out, recycled...or just left alone. Once upon a time,  after becoming a widow at an early age...and finally finishing my Art Education degree so I could keep family and soul together...it became... Continue Reading →


On the FBI's scientific methods... "This shows what we've been saying all along: that it was all supposition based on conjecture based on guesswork, without any proof whatsoever." Paul Kemp, Lawyer Or....it could mean that scientific methods used by the FBI could be compared to or with  NASA sending....

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