"...The sound of silence. Background noises no longer there... painful spaces of time... Other sounds eventually fill the empty space..." __ Other sounds do eventually fill the empty spaces that once filled a home that played the daily tune of "BEWARE OF THE DOG"... whether a big bark threat or not. He spoke openly about... Continue Reading →



Normally, I’ve been reluctant to besiege My Reader with facts, that particular part of my art researching profession that requires accuracy closely bordering the edge of boredom. However, just this once and feeling safe in the “historical fact” arena because I’ve taken liberal liberties with wording and comments…the curious art researcher and enquiring mind bubbled... Continue Reading →

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  This is how it goes, usually… 1 January – take down Christmas tree. Pack. Store.   This is how it went… 26 December – Christmas tree down. Packed. Stored. Five-day head start on usual Christmas tree take-down. Forget January. Early. Easy. Done. Forgotten. Bliss. Thirty-one plus five extra days of forgetful bliss. Thirty-one plus... Continue Reading →

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The day couldn't have been darker, colder, more foreboding or windier. What did we expect? It was, after all, the East Sussex seacoast in early spring; a perfect day to get out of the cottage and explore the neighbourhood in spite of the dreadful weather. Right. The residential hill behind the train station looked straightforward, and looked straight... Continue Reading →


PEAKING Call them what you will: new year's resolutions, personal goals, self-improvements, better behaviors or realistic wishful thinking. My Reader has already made a new and improved list of resolutions for the 2015 new year. This IS a new beginning.  I've read My Reader's list. It is impressive.  No! It is better than impressive it... Continue Reading →

Sometimes things just get away from you. The day. Time. The weather. A swear word (or words) that is or are supposed to be silent but end up being  out-loud swear word(s). Really LOUD out-loud swear word(s). Don't you just hate that when it happens? Occasionally I do, but most of the time not so... Continue Reading →

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