“The time has come,” the Walrus said,

“To talk of many things:

Of shoes – and ships – and sealing-wax

Of cabbages – and kings –

And why the sea is boiling hot –

And whether pigs have wings.”

Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass, Ch. 4






15 thoughts on “WALRUS WISDOM…

    1. Oh Sista Sista!!!! I can see why you are “atuned” to this particular painting of mine….just LOOK at those colours and patterns!! Yes…like you…I found working on this most exhilarating. Colour. It’s all about the colour!! I’m not sure where you are at the moment…you’ve moved but not once but twice? Maybe I’m the one confused……in any event….hoping all is well and you are happily ensconced in a safe. safe place. xoRaye


      1. You’ll laugh to know that ‘all of these moves’ keep my highly-creative mind at work – spinning imaginary tales worthy of short stories or long epic narratives… it’s a true blessing to have the creative side in charge – but of course it comes at the cost of being ultra sensitive, where kind or random remarks from strangers can prompt unexpected tears – — of joy, of premonitions, of concerns – whatever emotion is percolating…
        I am in a restaurant which was almost empty when I arrived and ordered, and now – perusing the comment bar and answering your reply first ( 🙂 ) I look up and see four tables with people – and one of those people was looking at me with the most amusing expression – one that states, ‘who is she and is she working/prensa or – what?”

        ecuadorians are curious people and often ask, ‘who are you where are you from do you have children a husband etc etc..’

        and I am contemplating another move, so don’t place a GPS X on my present location, which is four blocks from the museum in the city of Portoviejo. The pollution is affecting my health, gasp gasp/cough cough…

        And yes, those many colours and patterns are lovely… one can go inward in retrospective musings/emotions and then burst outward in amazing sensitivity and brilliance.

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  1. Raye, I love this quote from “Through the looking glass.” It is clever and inventive. I love your painting and how it accentuates Mr. Carroll’s words. Keith

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    1. Ah…like minds! Hoping you are well and keeping your head above dreadful winter weather. Trying desperately to snow here which is, unlike where you live, not a usual occurrence. You inspire me to “keep on keeping on” which has been difficult at best. Thanks always for your encouragement. Raye

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    1. Finally, aFa, I pushed all the right buttons, and clicked all the right clickers. Seems as if I’m either late for the party or…just don’t show up. 2020 looks to be much better…….thanks for your continued encouragement and friendship. You and Missy D….always there. I’m so fortunate….

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      1. Hooray!!! Got to keep watching the Spam folder. WP Gnomes are a sneaky lot. Yes – Spam coments also need an extra step of approval. Bottom line … I’ve missed you! Just so you know, I’m on the homestretch … shutting down in a couple of weeks.


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