It happened today, this semi-dark soon to be rainy afternoon, after the dog walk but before lunch. The local newspaper provided the perfect, actually more than perfect reason for the needless revisit to my post RELAXING IS RELATIVE. Just four hours ago My Reader whispers.

I’m so excited…the clothes in the dryer can wait.

Today’s STAR SIGNS horoscope in the Portland paper, under my “sign” said, and I quote…“There is a method to your madness. Those who don’t understand the careful attention you give to a project may not get your passion or your will to succeed.”

Straight from the stars albeit the fine and teeny print. I do believe, Virginia, artful and creative relaxation, being loosey-goosey, having no control even though digesting instructions but basically ignoring them, is not imperative.


Just for My Reader I’ve thrown in a pencil sketch of some additional…