Isn’t this just the berries? Actually, not berried at all…more like fruit-looped, but no matter. It’s great to be on the other-side of winter.

The easel in the studio remains occupied and work honing watercolour skill and hoping to find that sweet-sweet place of satisfaction is the continuum.  It is the forever hope and desire that some day…soon I hope My Reader says quietly…the process from blank page to finished project won’t take so many do-overs and….is becoming more the norm than the exception. That would be the berried part.

My Reader has been patient as always, and my gratitude is endless. At this juncture I’m not going to dwell on artistic or my own creative process (you’re welcome) but will say the shift change came after many days, weeks and months of filling the rubbish bin with expensive paper and of voicing new, but not improved expletives. I’m over that now.

For the most part.



23 thoughts on “NOT FIGS…

  1. I apologise for my beyond tardiness in stopping by. No excuses beyond the fact I moved on June 1st. I saw the email notification. I was definitely coming by to say hello and damned if I didn’t f*** it up.

    So. 16 days late. I say, figs or mandarins, we care not. We, your Reader, are only happy to see you in any way, shape or form you show up as.

    We also have faith in you.

    Lotsa love,
    Dale xoxo


  2. Beautiful painting Raye! I have not checked out your blog or a while but it is really looking great! I have not been painting or drawing or doing anything else but work haha. So sad.


    1. Believe this to be true: just after I got my act together and posted MANDARINS….you came into my view…know what I mean? Hoping all is well with you and all. Thank you for touching my mind-space and letting me know you are. R.

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  3. This is just gorgeous!!! 😍 I adore what you paint! Though I don’t comment as often as I should. And I love your words… I think my own work gets “berried” much of the time to my own eyes. But when my eyes view your work? I see a gorgeous perfection! 💕

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    1. Thank you, Charlie…you probably don’t realize how instrumental you are in so many other artists’ endeavors. Confidence builder, inspiration, creative sharing, but also thrown thrown into the pot of reality…moving past failures…and moving forward. I’ve just about nailed the nail…inviting me, “jotsfromasmallapt” to participate as a guest artist on your site “DOODLEWASH”several years ago gave me something more than a brief “cause to celebrate”.

      Belief. Belief in myself as an artist. Thank you for your many gifts to so many others. Including me. Xoxo R

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      1. Wow… that’s literally the most affirming and wonderful comment I’ve received in quite awhile. That makes me SO incredibly happy to hear! 😃💕 I started my blog with all the enthusiasm of a child, hoping to get all of his friends to join and play along with him. It was never about me, but the sincere thought that WE, together, could make this crazy world more beautiful and thoughtful somehow. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being one of those brilliant voices. You’re an amazing artist with a beautiful gift to share. Never lose that belief! You’ve no idea just how many people believe in you. ❤️

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    1. Thank you as always, Hugh. You just brighten up the room when you walk in! Looking for your address…I think I’ve written it down on the fly leaf of one of your books. If not…will ask…and hopefully you’ll remind me! R.


    1. Oh my Lovely Tall Guy! August is a perfect time to see my smiling countenance…what a treat! More than happy to see that you continue to peek over the fence. Which means? Neither of us remain lost for long. I’ll buy the beer to celebrate!!


  4. Keep on keeping on. Perfection is an angry muse. For some, it produces astonishing rewards. For the rest of us, well, we just have to learn to not listen to such strident task master. Now, where’d I put those berries?

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  5. If you only knew much glad I was to see the notification of this post arriving in my mailbox! No matter how long or short, I love … just love having you back on the scene! Meanwhile, a touch of fruit is a good thing.

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    1. aFa…nice of you to stop by! Really truly appreciate you keeping me on the Christmas card list. Glorious streak of sun and roses in Portland and surrounding area. Like good friends…the best of…return. Thank you for your generosity of spirit. Iced latte on the patio. I’ll wait….

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  6. I am sitting in a shopping center after helping a friend with an ‘expat’ tour. I am weary, yet updating the computer before heading home – an hour’s drive from here. Somber mood. Computer slow – or perhaps the connection with a zillion others using the wifi is why it’s slow…

    and then I see your post.

    Instant joy, like seeing the sun after three months of rainy season – or seeing the rains after a long drought!

    I can all but smell the aroma of mandarin oranges!

    Honestly, the quality of my day just switched from weary to energized!

    I can go home now, and smile all the way….

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    1. Look at you!! Busy as a bee and still finding time to gather the stragglers and hold them near and dear. I’m the fortunate one for having you near a WiFi link to hear me! Talking to you, especially. There you are!! I, too, Lisa…having putting back into lives around my new neighbourhood. So much satisfaction with little tangible reward….as you well know. Happy, more than, hearing from you. The sun shines much brighter here for your written presence. Xoxo R


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