Isn’t this just the berries? Actually, not berried at all…more like fruit-looped, but no matter. It’s great to be on the other-side of winter.

The easel in the studio remains occupied and work honing watercolour skill and hoping to find that sweet-sweet place of satisfaction is the continuum.  It is the forever hope and desire that some day…soon I hope My Reader says quietly…the process from blank page to finished project won’t take so many do-overs and….is becoming more the norm than the exception. That would be the berried part.

My Reader has been patient as always, and my gratitude is endless. At this juncture I’m not going to dwell on artistic or my own creative process (you’re welcome) but will say the shift change came after many days, weeks and months of filling the rubbish bin with expensive paper and of voicing new, but not improved expletives. I’m over that now.

For the most part.