An idea within an idea within an idea. It never seems to stop until…someone else is doing something else that someone else is doing and the fire is lit..and it begins again. In a different place altogether from where you think you’ve started.

My Yorkshire fellow artist and friend Rebecca from STUFF AND NONSENSE, (can I call you that…my friend?) who tries and shares new techniques, and inspires many (especially me) mentioned Shelley Morrow…who shall receive all the credit in inspiring the both of us, Rebecca and myself, to go where….it’s scary. For me, watercolour is difficult enough without throwing in a loosely-goosey technique that looks easy. Who is kidding who?  It is anything but!

I’m sharing a couple of my first attempts at relaxing, no lines, going with the flow, shaking loose, giving in to a completely new idea….absolutely no control of anything but really…everything.

Confession: my real name is Mrs. Monk.   Loosely-goosey? Go with the flow? Relax?  Really? You really expect me do that?

Nothing ventured nothing gained, right?  Rebecca asked me to keep her posted on how I was doing….this attempt at goosing is, therefore,  dedicated To THE Primo Instigator Shelley Morrow  and, my Friend Primo Inspiring Rebecca…in my memory.



























                                                    RED BEADS

Knackered.  Frazzled. Done in for the day.

Say Goodnight, Gracie.

Goodnight, Gracie.