An idea within an idea within an idea. It never seems to stop until…someone else is doing something else that someone else is doing and the fire is lit..and it begins again. In a different place altogether from where you think you’ve started.

My Yorkshire fellow artist and friend Rebecca from STUFF AND NONSENSE, (can I call you that…my friend?) who tries and shares new techniques, and inspires many (especially me) mentioned Shelley Morrow…who shall receive all the credit in inspiring the both of us, Rebecca and myself, to go where….it’s scary. For me, watercolour is difficult enough without throwing in a loosely-goosey technique that looks easy. Who is kidding who?  It is anything but!

I’m sharing a couple of my first attempts at relaxing, no lines, going with the flow, shaking loose, giving in to a completely new idea….absolutely no control of anything but really…everything.

Confession: my real name is Mrs. Monk.   Loosely-goosey? Go with the flow? Relax?  Really? You really expect me do that?

Nothing ventured nothing gained, right?  Rebecca asked me to keep her posted on how I was doing….this attempt at goosing is, therefore,  dedicated To THE Primo Instigator Shelley Morrow  and, my Friend Primo Inspiring Rebecca…in my memory.



























                                                    RED BEADS

Knackered.  Frazzled. Done in for the day.

Say Goodnight, Gracie.

Goodnight, Gracie.


48 thoughts on “FUNNY HOW THAT HAPPENS…

  1. First thought, and I swear on a stack of croissants, upon seeing thy bleeding page before thy words, ” someone has gone all loosey goosie”. Amen. Amen. Amen. In being creative and slave to the craft, one must give up what one knows and embrace what one does not know. Method and media 101 -from cradle to wheelchair educate educate educate thyself.

    Good shtuffs….Grunt, Grunt, Grunt

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  2. Beautiful work Raye, reminds me of a Daoist saying along the lines of “when you give up absolute control in what you are doing, only then are you able to achieve what you are meant to achieve.” For the flow of an artist, at times I think this can be the best advice. There is so much poetry within your painting. Wishing you a great weekend ~ enjoy.

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  3. Oh,these are gorgeous, Raye! I love the vibrancy and immediacy of both, and their luminosity. I especially like the Modiglianish one…if you don’t mind me saying so? And of course we are friends! Only the miles separate us. Boo. I’m so glad to have had a little part in the making of these paintings. Onwards, with courage and good humour always! 😁❤️

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    1. Modigliani….well! funny you should say that. When RED BEAD was finished I looked at her and said….Modigliani? I do have a book on his ART and sure enough….elongated necks…facial features. Had forgotten how very much I like the style…but was strictly coincidence RED BEADS emulated Modiglinai’s presence. Funny that….! The “ladies” look nothing like your forms, or Shelley’s, which I addressed in my reply to her. Seems my “lack of control” needs a wee bit more….lack of. Tell me it is all about the process…….keeping humour in hand!

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      1. I often find my pictures end up being more what they wanted to be, and less what I wanted them to be…humour definitely helps in dealing with that! Anyway, loving the subconscious Modigliani influence there. 😁

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    1. Ms RRR… I’m telling it like it is 😉 And yeah… I am putting my thoughts down on some serious paper! And sorry for the double comment… I thought the first one didn’t go so I re-hit send. Feel free to chuck one 😉 Speaking of putting thoughts down… You don’t enough anymore! Lotsa love XOXODRXOXO

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      1. You’ve got to quit sending those youtube videos. I end up wanting the shoes, the dresses, the hair. Mostly the curvy body that can keep one of those spaghetti strap dresses on! Just stop it, Frank. We have no TANGO partners in Portland. I’m going to have to move to Argentina or Brazil. Now see what you’ve done? I’ve just promised my daughter I wouldn’t be moving again.

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  4. wow! what a wonderful surprise to see this oh-so-fresh work! both are great, but that second image makes me smile – a lot! it reminds me a bit of the portrait of my friend marta that the famous artist ‘guayasamin’ painted years ago. he captured her perky look, and the swing of her hair, though she said that when her father saw the painting, he said, ‘you don’t have green skin.’

    though the two styles are different, you both captured wonderful energy as well as personality!

    i love love love both of these paintings! my only regret is that i cannot share my enthusiasm in person.

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  5. Raye, quite lovely. Thanks also for teaching me a new word – knackered. It is one of those words that sounds like what it means. Take care, Keith

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      1. SPOT ON! Just chastised Keith for not keeping up with our neighbours across the pond! Like I told him….having lived there for a while not long enough…I continue to speak in “English” and swear with an accent. Probably not a good think to brag about, hey what? No worries about the new technique…it’s all about learning and developing watercolour skills. I’ve got one on the boards at the moment that I think you’ll like better! Keep your fingers crossed it doesn’t end up in the rubbish bin like so many others. Always nice to hear from you in all your honesty. Honest! R


    1. Obviously, Keith…Hugh is so spot on! You most likely watch little British television. Having lived there for a while not long enough, my homesickness staved off by listening to British audio books and ACORN TV….British shows. Thanks for the compliment. Best wishes! Raye


  6. They are lovely and thank you so much for the compliment, keep going and have fun. I often joke about how much fun I have watching paint dry but it’s true. There is magic in them there watercolours:)

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    1. I know, Shelley, you have looked at mine and then, most likely, whispered to yourself….”they look nothing like mine!” I know. It takes me a while to shake loose of the control I so deperately hang on to. I’ll get there….where I (maybe) can emulate your free form style. I’m so enthused about the process….but getting there is arduous. Thank you for commenting. The compliment to you? Well deserved. Thank you for sharing your art work. I’d be attending your classes if only…..

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  7. Fabulous! I may have mentioned Charles Reid for the ‘patches of paint’ look. I mean I know he’s a great commercial success and all that, but I really like what he does.

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    1. Anne, Don’t recall Charles Reid being mentioned. However, will do my research and suss him out. Thank you forwarding one more name. Have I mentioned my favourites? Mary Fedden. Michael Moore. Have visited the only gallery in England sanctioned to sell Michael Moore’s work. Beer, South Coast. Oh and of course! David Hockney who, by the way, was a student of Mary Fedden’s when she was teaching at the RA. Whew! said more than necessary.
      Sorry Sorry. Nice to see you! Thank you. Raye

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      1. The annual exhibition of the R.I.of painters in watercolour is coming up in London soon, and I’m going! It’s the cutting edge of watercolour painting which is possibly a contradiction in terms. Or an oxymoron. I think I’ve seen Mary Fedden’s work there in the past. Michael Moore is amazing but a bit sort of ‘finished’ for my taste. Shirley Trevenna is brilliant for design and colour too.

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        1. Sussed both Reid and Trevena. Yes, Charles Reid is soooo casual about it all…perhaps that is the secret…so relaxed you fall off the painting stool? His approach, however….if wishing only made it so. Shirley Treena…more controlled…almost architectural I think. Watched a couple of youtubes. Style continues to escape me….frustrating. We should be neighbours……then we could chat until the cows come home…..!

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    1. Learn it or loose it! Right? You do the same….research research and more research. Hard pays off, yes? Look at you…a published author. I am in awe of your achievements. Remember the good ole’ days when you were just thinking about writing a book?????? Just. Keep. Going.
      Thanks for stopping by.


  8. Gracie,
    I love that you are not afraid to go out there and try something new. Was just telling a friend that when you stop learning, you stop living.
    Live on, Beautiful Lady, Live on!
    Lotsa love, DMLR xoxoxoxo

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    1. My response to your comment “Gracie” is now at the top of the page. I have no freaking idea why WP always does that. No idea. I wish I did know. I’d let them know how displeased that makes me. Crabby, too. XOXRRR

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