It wasn’t what they said. Actually it was exactly that. It was not only what they said but the how of it. It was neither smart nor kind. The stolid and impassive back and forth seemed to go on for ages (because everyone agreed it had been ages)…and was in the end…all for naught.  With thoughtful consideration, but not theirs of course, the process had even made all the learned benefits of The Ages for naught, as well.

It had been a protracted time of tug-of-war-words without substance. The discussions were crafted without the provisional hand-holds for relied upon stability. The answers, they thought, might be found in the confusion, the indecision, even the non-answers. They knew they were looking in the wrong direction, but that only amplified the made-to-order irksome question that had not yet been answered.

A few thought that was the worst part…not crafting a suitable answer, that it couldn’t possibly get worse. The majority knew it had become a no-man’s land of bottomless incompetence.

The worst part? The worst part was they could no longer remember the question, but just kept going…