Did you get my message? The Reader said it was about time we had a sit-down, and The Reader is right. It really is time.

There isn’t much that comes and goes around that The Reader doesn’t comment on, has an uninvited opinion on or a question about. However, this is not particularly about The Reader. This is about last year (2016) when The Reader asked you, “Cher, how are you feeling about your seventieth birthday?” Which was, at that time, a couple of months away. Even though you don’t know me, and we’ve never met…I recall your answer so more or less clearly.

You said (more or less) after a long, long pause: “I’m having a difficult time wrapping my head around that one.”

Cher! Me! Too! That could just be THE one thing you and I have in common: wrapping that head around the big Seven Oh! and getting past the…those…numbers. This year it’s my head being wrapped around..or…in something. I think maybe cotton-wool which is not good for breathing or life, or really anything at all. Which leads us to my voice message, or rather my questionable message to you which now, POOF! suddenly, has become not the question of “Did you manage to get unwrapped?” but instead the quiet yet calming realization that Seven Oh! is, indeed, just that…a number. A Seven and…an Oh, and…should not be, or necessarily, placed side-by-side in that order… first the Seven and then the Oh!

I’m just guessing here, Cher, but I’m thinking you might be wishing we knew each other and were Best Buds after all….

[NOTE: The watercolour IRISH FARM HOUSE is my interpretation of a photograph I saw on in the year 2013. Please visit the provided link to visit John’s website and view all his work. This is our second collaboration and my admiration for his view of the view is understated and…endless.

The Reader is a stickler for all the legalities, legalese, please(s) and thank you(es), but especially the permissions, propriety, proper pronunciations and giving credit where and when credit is due.

For The Reader’s information I have John’s permission to post my likeness/interpretation of his  [copyright] photograph. Again, thank you, JRCRXOXG.]

Full Disclosure: I look nothing like me in real life. Or if you prefer, I look nothing like me in an alternative fact-of-life, and if I could make this fake photo smaller I would. Believe me I’ve tried everything to photo-shrink. It has just become too difficult to take on everything at once. Also, I’ve asked The Reader, please Oh! please let’s not mention the Oh! or the Seven because they remain in a quiet place, still wrapped in cotton-wool to be evented later.