Did you get my message? The Reader said it was about time we had a sit-down, and The Reader is right. It really is time.

There isn’t much that comes and goes around that The Reader doesn’t comment on, has an uninvited opinion on or a question about. However, this is not particularly about The Reader. This is about last year (2016) when The Reader asked you, “Cher, how are you feeling about your seventieth birthday?” Which was, at that time, a couple of months away. Even though you don’t know me, and we’ve never met…I recall your answer so more or less clearly.

You said (more or less) after a long, long pause: “I’m having a difficult time wrapping my head around that one.”

Cher! Me! Too! That could just be THE one thing you and I have in common: wrapping that head around the big Seven Oh! and getting past the…those…numbers. This year it’s my head being wrapped around..or…in something. I think maybe cotton-wool which is not good for breathing or life, or really anything at all. Which leads us to my voice message, or rather my questionable message to you which now, POOF! suddenly, has become not the question of “Did you manage to get unwrapped?” but instead the quiet yet calming realization that Seven Oh! is, indeed, just that…a number. A Seven and…an Oh, and…should not be, or necessarily, placed side-by-side in that order… first the Seven and then the Oh!

I’m just guessing here, Cher, but I’m thinking you might be wishing we knew each other and were Best Buds after all….

[NOTE: The watercolour IRISH FARM HOUSE is my interpretation of a photograph I saw on in the year 2013. Please visit the provided link to visit John’s website and view all his work. This is our second collaboration and my admiration for his view of the view is understated and…endless.

The Reader is a stickler for all the legalities, legalese, please(s) and thank you(es), but especially the permissions, propriety, proper pronunciations and giving credit where and when credit is due.

For The Reader’s information I have John’s permission to post my likeness/interpretation of his  [copyright] photograph. Again, thank you, JRCRXOXG.]

Full Disclosure: I look nothing like me in real life. Or if you prefer, I look nothing like me in an alternative fact-of-life, and if I could make this fake photo smaller I would. Believe me I’ve tried everything to photo-shrink. It has just become too difficult to take on everything at once. Also, I’ve asked The Reader, please Oh! please let’s not mention the Oh! or the Seven because they remain in a quiet place, still wrapped in cotton-wool to be evented later.


44 thoughts on “CHER…YOU THERE?

  1. Loving this “paint by the numbers” comment, Calvin!! So true. So fitting for the anxiousness of aging into bigger [yet better] numbers. A life and a life lived can be about the colours chosen, but also about how one chooses to frame that life. Thank you for your perspective comment. Raye

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    1. Sometimes. In life. And in regarding a life. You cannot see the colour. You have to feel for it. After all. We are all paintings; are we not?

      bury me
      in the colour of my passion
      so I may live well
      in death
      was my reply

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        1. Your too kind. A quality which comes with the Passport. That said, am not sure what to make of these 10 year passports. Am 3 years into mine and am all ready getting four and five glance backs by custom officials when I travel.

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                    1. Been up for hours actually! Just watching the two of you carry on! Calvin right Miss D. Re: you looking same 10 yrs. From now! Calvin: may I reuse your poem (it’s up there miles ago) for something special?

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  2. I agree with Dale. Just accept it gracefully. We are never older than we feel, and I am sure you feel full of energy and creative desires. I love you interpretation of the old cottage. Beautiful colours.

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  3. Reblogged this on meticulous mick and commented:
    The wonderfully talented and amusing “Jots from a small apartment” has featured a post with her own interpretation of one of my images. Raye calls it a collaboration, but believe me when I say that she is responsible for almost all the work. From my photograph she has painted her own interpretation and then spun words to entrance.
    If you have not met Raye and her jots from a small apartment, may I suggest you put that right. Yes, right now.

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  4. Raye, Raye, Raye, love the new gravitar and yes age is just a number, something that can be outshone by wit, personality, attituide and plenty of humour. I swear I knew people in their 20’s who were going on 90 and the reverse applies too. Rock on Raye and thanks for just being you, MM / JRCRG xx 😘

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    1. JRCRXOXG…you are most generous with those kind words about numbers being only numbers. I do believe this generation is breaking down the barriers of defining “how old is old” and fortunately I’m at the top of the queue waving at you from here. I know you see me…and I thank you, John….sincerely. RRXOXOXR

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  5. Ah yes … the stone farmhouse in the Irish field … and I can hear the sounds of Oh Danny Boy coming from your brushed strokes.

    I like the new gravitar … actually my second favorite in your collection … but do you remember my fav?

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    1. Come on aFA…remember the first photo when the second is already dust and needs to be updated? I’d settle for you remembering how I like my coffee…….
      xoxoxRRR PS Don’t look around but I think Missy Lovely D. is stalking me… her, too!

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      1. 🙂 … My fav was the one begging the question, “Who’s behind those Foster Grants?” … and in terms of the cuppa, light cream – no sugar.

        I have no doubt Missy D is stalking!

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  6. The cottage reminds me of one we stayed in too many years ago near Westport. No electricity, no running water! Sheep in the garden and views to die for. Fabulous holidays.

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    1. Hugh, I’m continually pleased that my work suits your fancy! It’s the other remark that I can now be assured that there is life after The Seven and The Oh! I’ll have to find something other than tennis to keep my “game on”. You always make me smile with your retorts. However, my favourite Hugh Hisim remains…… One never forgets coffee through the nose laughter. Grins and winks. Raye

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  7. All those clichés about being as young as you feel and 50/60/70 being the new 30/40/50 are all true, you know. If people are living until their late 90s as a matter of course then naturally everything slides up in proportion. With a mind and talents like yours you’ll never be older than yesterday! (Love the farmhouse, by the way – really lovely).

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    1. Next time over for me is 2018/September mid. Headed towards Yorkshire and Newcastle upon Tyne with BFFs and meet all the relatives. Anywhere near you, Anne? What about a watercolour workshop for a couple of days? Perhaps a meet-up? Coming home. Coming home….

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  8. Oh darlin’ RRR… you look absolutely SIMPLY MAH-VEL-LOUS (Say it properly, now). No, I don’t want to hear it. Just accept it gracefully.

    Numbers. Who cares about numbers? Well, okay, we might fret at various times (oh to go back to that “old” age of thirty… gawd. I remember doing the math and seeing what year it would be for me to be thirty… Beam me back, Scotty!)

    All’s I know is this. I must thank JRCR for giving me the opportunity of meeting YOU (though, I can’t for the life of me remember how I met HIM), realising what a gem of a Wild Thing I had connected with. Lucky me!

    Lovely rendition of the Irish Farm House. I still can’t decide which of your arts I like best… the painted or the written. No matter. They are both part of TOI, ma chère…xoxoxoDRxoxoxo

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    1. DANG (notice the clean-up?) you always make me feel MAH-VEL-LOUS!! Hi Lovely. Yes, we should SKYPE…too long in-between. Got your email. Will zip you off something today whilst I’m baking doughnuts. Yes….just wet and cold here…dang (that’s 2) and up to our knees in puddles and road potholes big enough to float a boat! XOXOXOXlatertodayRRR

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