Obtuse comment from My Reader: “It is about time…!”  Personally, I had hoped that 2016 was going to be a banner year for the whole lot of us. However, it looks as if the result on several particular outcomes,  just two mentioned…Brexit and Mr. T…has snapped more than garters, and left more than just the few of us breathless and unsure of place.

To that end.

Bootstraps. Braces on. Standing tall. Moving. Forward.

Pass the peas.


I’ll be in touch…


19 thoughts on “PASS THE PEAS…

  1. Such a wonderful blog my dear RRRRRRRRR, hope 2017 has gotten off to a decent start for you, despite the new leader…JRCRRCRJJJRCRGGGGG 😘


  2. The table is set then,huh. Merry late Christmas and Shtufffs!

    I see your pigment and read your wisdom and think. May I shall become a ‘painter in 2017 and paint myself into a painting. Covertly hiding under some yellow or submerge myself in Cobalt Blue. Where, sheltered from the craziness, I can hurl ‘truth bombs’ at the insanity that seems to be marching onward, with no end insight. What’s a good brush going for these days? Or, maybe I’ll just wallpaper my Lavatory.


  3. Hope you had a wonderful start into 2017, R! Your watercolour and refelctions brings us big smiles. 🙂 Sad to say, 2016 will be one to remember for all the wrong reasons. x


      1. I don’t particularly like bread – unless it’s straight from the oven, but cornbread? i’ll fight for that last slice!

        i’ve moved away from my cast-iron skillets and miss them so much!


  4. Ha, I love this perspective to end the year…great watercolor, the colors match the mood ~ wondering just what is next. Wishing you a great 2017, always the feeling of hope and anticipation for me at this time of the year. Cheers!

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    1. R. Yes, we all need and should keep HOPE at the forefront, and our expectations high…and persevere for nothing less. Many safe travels for you this coming 2017. See you at the rodeo!


  5. Only way to move, my dear Raye… only way to move! Wishing you a fabulous end to 2016 and a most splendiferous 2017! xoxoxoDMLRxoxoxo

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