Caps with flaps or Santa hats

Presented here for thee and thee,

A modest image as sure as you please

Of simply orange oranges three.


36 thoughts on “NOT COMPLICATED…

  1. Somehow – how, I do not know, nor care to fathom – I missed this post. Bloody hell! Kinda late to wish you a Happy Christmas and all that but I can still tell you that I very munch enjoyed your lovely oranges (much better than the fat one we won’t mention) and sweet little poem.
    You, milady, are a talented one, to be sure! xoxoxoD


    1. Hey Sista-Sista…..Happiest of Days to you and yours, especially this holiday time of year. Enjoy so much your talent(s) and your loving ways of sharing. Feliz Navidad, Lisa. XOXRaye


      1. Happy Days to you as well! As you know, each day gives enough material to write a novel, from upbeat and happy tales to somber ones that wrench one’s heart… just returned from two weeks on the coast – just in time to watch a school’s holiday event .. amazing!

        i’m ‘itching’ to get back into serious painting, but am still moving things out of Casa Loca and trying to figure out where to store/put it all. soon… soon, there will be time for painting!

        you are doing FANTASTIC work!


    1. Yes, Darling, no doubt you knew I thought about that “orange” thing but decided to jump out the window and hope for a soft landing anyway. Hoped no one would notice especially you. Fat chance. Missing your words. New shovel on the way. Need new and improved mucking out experience. Boots on the ground….

      Happy Christmas.


    1. How you doing Carol? Make it through your storms? Weather related and other? Thinking about you….been where you are. Strong thoughts of support coming your way. Raye


  2. The brightest oranges I have seen, and complemented with leaves so green
    You may regret your post in verse: it can only go from bad to worse!
    Merry Christmas!

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    1. You are too clever.
      Too clever for words
      And I’m finding it difficult
      To rhyme nouns and verbs.

      We both do much better
      With shape, form and colour.
      But you, Sweet Sweet Anne
      Paint like no other!

      Happiest of Holidays,


    1. Of course, aFa…I was waiting for this….tango-ing in the snow. Could have done last week. Not so much this week!!! Let this be our secret and keep from My Reader…I value your sensibilities, our engaging long-distance friendship….and your wicked, wicked sense of humour. Here’s to US!…..Raye

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        1. No, it is not…. especially now that she has become so stingy with us 😉 (said with love, RRR, we just want more of you😙)

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            1. Indeed. It is because Raye posted today that I checked my inbox looking for her Elephant reblog that I wanted to comment on, that I saw I had missed this one… strange sequence of events, I’ll grant you…

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              1. Missy Lovely D and aFa….joining you both in the Green Room (we have one, don’t we?). A room where they serve both gourmet snacks and easy listening Tango music….I’m the one cemented in the corner on a plastic chair, mouth full of tasty bits, waving my dance card. See me?

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