In the beginning there was the Old Saxon word twio which was the Old English form of [and compared to] Old Frisian; which was the extension of the combining form of twi; which in Middle English formed twie, or twies; which currently forms The Oxford New Desk Dictionary (Third Edition/2009) form of twice.

Curious still about the etymological origin of twice…as defined in Origins A Short Etymological Dictionary of Modern English, authored by Eric Partridge is this:

“2. In double degree or quantity (twice as good).”

 Twice. As. Good.

Originally, my thinking was this would be easier to explain than I’m [actually] finding it to be. I’m attempting to find a sequitur between twice as good and valued friendships…without the appearance of comparing my personal and special friendships to those of My Reader. That particular sequitur continues to be a non.

I’m fairly certain, however, that what My Reader and I do have in common are The Few, The Specials, The Keepers, The Valued. Those Some Ones who make a decided difference in our lives. Those extraordinary people who make us better…or show us how to be better. The profound bravery and courage of my Ones make me want to sit straighter and stand taller.

Most likely My Reader and I are extremely fortunate to have Some Ones whose shadows fall upon and envelop us. The Ones who make the difference. Who are the difference.

Those Some Ones who are twice as good…