This is how it goes, usually…

1 January – take down Christmas tree. Pack. Store.


This is how it went…

26 December – Christmas tree down. Packed. Stored.

Five-day head start on usual Christmas tree take-down.

Forget January. Early. Easy.

Done. Forgotten.


Thirty-one plus five extra days of forgetful bliss.

Thirty-one plus five shades of Joseph Campbell.


Superficial procrastinating.

Not cool.

February here we come.


I’ll be in touch…











56 thoughts on “ABOUT FORGETTING…

  1. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. i’ve tried and tried and tried to nudge, kick and then HURL a comment in your direction! now i’ve forgotten what i wanted to say!

    1. i love the black and white and touch of yellow and the oh so lovely way that you paint… you definitely have your own stye.. love the header image too.. it’s like sitting cross the table from you!

    2. when i first read the title to your post, i thought of this song: i hope it’s david gray’s song by that name.. the page wouldn’t load!

    3. addendum: will be quito bound wed night to see a specialist on thursday. allergies? asthma? will wait until we find out what’s right and what’s not, and then i’ll write a post… this is something that’s plagued me for a long time, though i had a ten -year remission.. was sick in 2012 and now the symptoms are creeping back… time to say, ‘Halt!’


    1. Sista L. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that 1) you read this before you leave on Wednesday and 2) that it is nothing more (yeah right…”nothing more”) than allergies because of the changing seasons…that seem to be changing more and more, and oftener and oftener. GI Joe says…”Knowing is half the battle.” Keep me (and your small one thousand population of best friends) informed. Don’t want to worry. Thank you so much for the kind, kind words. You continue to be my personal inspiration…of the heart-kind plus artistic side of life. Raye


      1. message received (embraced) and thank you so much, especially from your comment from a few days ago which i have not answered yet. i don’t want to resort to sleeping in a chair like i once did 20 years ago.. time to get answers, which could not be found back then.. technology’s come a long way since.. it willl be my luck that im allergic to acrylic paints! ha!

        thaks, dear friend!



    1. L. I’ve had this one sketched for about 6 months!. It’s a photograph I took…but with a new camera and the image was blurry because I didn’t focus the lens properly. It was, however. simple but eye catching….and most fun to paint.


  2. Love the black and white checked table cloth on a tilt. The glasses, candle, salt shaker…perfect!

    this is how mine usually goes:
    don’t put up a Christmas tree…no room in the apt.
    don’t have to take down a Christmas tree
    January – cold, dark, don’t want to go out, but have to
    February, Cold, dark, don’t want to go out, but have to
    Let’s see what March brings

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    1. Ohh…you should be really cranky by now. Mid-February, more snow, more snow, etc. etc. We are having a break from all the rain…and sunshine…and I have an extra bedroom……


    1. JRCR-G….apologies…I’ve been “lost” it seems. Not liking the way WP has buggered around with our comment process. No matter….my daffs should really grow in the next 4 days. Why? SUNSHINE, before another round of rain! Like your country…typical for us, too. RRR
      (Copper Beech…my most favourite of all.)

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    1. Image from a photo I took without focusing and obviously the shutter snapped too soon, when living abroad….yrs. ago. Have had this sketched for at least 6 months. It was a fun one! Thank you for your comment.


  3. I’ve been here 4 times already last night and today to marvel at this luscious painting. The first 3 times, I was grabbed by the blackband white checkers, and today it’s the yellow – that indescribable yellow. Not quite mustard, too deep for butterscotch or daffodil. Love it!

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    1. Appropriate title that…ABOUT FORGETTING…I’m lost in the morass of WP changing how we comment to each other. It would be easier if I hopped a plane and delivered a verbal message. Thank you Sammy for your comment(s)…always smile makers!!! You got sun? R.


      1. Oh, I hear you on the WP morass. Honestly it’s not writing block that keeps me from posting; it’s knowing I’ve got to wrestle with the damn formatting and Beep Beep Boop BUGS which takes all the fun out of it. I need to hire a Personal Happiness Engineer !!

        We have lovely warm sunshine here – golfing weather. I feel SO guilty, but lucky. How about you?

        Happy 💞💞💞 Day!


    1. Geez…I think I’m lost. I just hate the way WP has revamped the comment section. Hmmmmm…anyway….anything checkered, striped, circled, vertical or horizontal…or not….would be favourites in my eyes. But yes….black and white…!!

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      1. I’m with you on the new comment format. Not sure what WordPress was thinking with that one, but it’s easy to miss comments. I hope they change it back.


  4. Ah ha … three glasses … must be Dale & I with the executioner in Siena … and I know that’s my glass because I favor red wine … then again, it’s not empty, and I only leave glasses empty. i also favor pepper over salt, so my fingerprints probably aren’t on that salt shaker. Meanwhile, a special someone has a February birthday. … now I await Dale’s response.

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      1. Nope.. not me! I’m an April baby… I only leave glasses empty as well so we can fight over who’s glass belongs to whom. The important thing is we’re together, so we can hash it all out face-to-face!


  5. What’s one month in the year? Must we always be on the ball ALL the time? I think not. New month, new slate, more things to come and go and be forgotten!

    Love this tablescape (even if there is no Pepper…)


    1. With you there, Lovely D! This is going to be the greatest day ever…today…this day…this February day. (Funny how I didn’t miss the missing pepper….grinning, she said. Life can be like that…not missing what’s missing.) XXOXRRR

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      1. Perfect way to look at each day! Only noticed the pepper because Calvin noticed it first!
        That’s the best! Not missing what’s missing! See ya tomorrow!! XOXO


              1. Rest assured, aFa…you’ll be at the top of our conversation agenda when Missy D. and I SKYPE tomorrow…anything you want/need to say on your own behalf? Speak now…


                    1. Oh yes…RRR has it – do all of the above. And aFA you should only Skype with SPECIAL bloggers… 😉


    1. No…thirty-one (forgetful) days in January…plus the extra five from December. As usual, BTG, this little ditty makes sense to me and only me. In any event, I treasure that Valentines Day wish! Thank you so much, Friend….RRR


  6. First thought……so it really is 2015, As for the brush strokes, why no pepper. You made me smile, even amidst influenza eh. Thanks for the medicine.


    1. I took this photo a while ago…liking the simple composition. Funny…even though you are ill…noticing no pepper. Geez…what was I thinking????
      In any event…hoping you are on the mend!


  7. For the first time, no tree this year, no decorations other than outside wreaths, took all of 10 minutes to store away. Something to be said for minimalism in our older years.


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