Call them what you will: new year’s resolutions, personal goals, self-improvements, better behaviors or realistic wishful thinking. My Reader has already made a new and improved list of resolutions for the 2015 new year. This IS a new beginning.  I’ve read My Reader’s list. It is impressive.  No! It is better than impressive it is awesome. My Reader may just may be, by the end of this year, a perfect human being. Or close to perfect. Remarkable. Yes? No…I didn’t think so either. A crock more like.

Me? I’ll settle for something more practical. Comfortable. Attainable. I’m calling my list secrets only because if I tell you about them I know they won’t go any further than between you and me.  Us. Just us. Right?

We all have them. Pesky secrets. Things about ourselves we’d rather not share. Occurrences we’d rather not make public. But…to bare one’s soul, to whisper in more than one ear, to finally shout to the world-at-large from the highest hill-top where wild flowers sway back-and-forth-back-and-forth in gentle breezes can be an exercise in personal freedom. Or something like that.

My secrets are really quite simple. Thoughts I’ve never shared. Things I’d like to do…not like a stupid bucket list or anything like that. I mean how stupid is writing a list on the side of a bucket? Also, writing down words I don’t say out loud because I find them distasteful…but not swear words. Let’s be clear. I swear. A lot. Especially when I do something really stupid. Like I said…I swear a lot. Let me give you an example and this is a good one because I’ve always wanted to write this down….

“Sheesh…who just farted?”

Oh, I feel so….freedomized! My Reader says as usual I’m digressing and need to get to the point, which is:

My Secrets for now this moment this beginning of newness in time as we know it to be…now…and not in any particular order:

1.     Take less. Give more.

2.     Conduct an orchestra with Rudy Valli song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”,  arranged and scored for full symphonic orchestra.

3.     Smile more. Eat less.

4.     Say YES to the TEDTalksWeWantYouToTalk people when they call me to schedule my talk on GREATNESS.

5.     Water colour more. Swear less.

6.     Sing Mockingbird like Carly Simon and James Taylor. Be the Carly. Not the James.

7.     Strive for contentment. Expect GREATNESS.

8.     Give more. Take less.

9.     Visit Lyle Lovett at his cattle farm in Texas and talk cattle-talk. Have cream in our coffee. Sing that Mockingbird song. I be me. Lyle be Lyle.

10.    GREATNESS: ageless and recognized in a multitude of sizes, shapes and forms.

11.    Use the fart-word in written form.

12    Be in touch. More.