ON the ninth day

Before Christmas

It came as a vision

A flash. No, a scare!


Was just sitting

On a silly green plate

In the shape of a pear.

AS if by a thread

Poised high in mid-air

A twee bit of mistletoe

Was hanging just…there.

WHAT could I do?

How could I not?

Think up such a thing

And not want to share?

MY Seasonal Greeting

Is gratefully sent

Without hesitation

Neither stumble nor stagger.

THIS Holiday FIG

Made special for you, you and you

On a green pear-shaped plate…

That looks more like a platter.



21 thoughts on “WHAT WAS I THINKING…?

    1. You’ve been missing and you’ve been missed! Thank you, Monica, for taking the time to come visit and especially to comment. At least I know you are all right…just busy. Do take care. Raye

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  1. I enjoyed the poem, the fig, the painting of mistletoe,
    If I didn’t wish you a happy holiday I’d feel like a schmo!
    I hope all your upcoming evenings have a holiday glow,
    And you’re not stuck plowing through holiday snow.
    Happy Holidays!

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  2. A real delight R. and the poem is a hoot…..Wishing you a really wonderful Christmas and I do hope friends and family can be around you at this time. Best wishes, J.


  3. I got to “siily green plate” and said, to myself, “I thought it was a platter”! You had me chuckling when I read at the end, “That looks more like a platter.” Ha! Happy Holidays to you, too, Jots! What a wonderfully creative person you are!

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  4. Worth the wait. You tickled every button I have with this. However do you fit all this talent and creativity into such a small apartment?!


  5. Figs are a staple in Middle East, especially during Ramadan. I didn’t like the ones I had there. I had some again in the states and they were so, good. I was told there are different flavors of figs. I just wish I remembered where I had the ones here at. So good.

    Nice painting.


  6. And, a fig sitting on its poach, which happens to be a pear. Does that mean a fig can become a poached pear? Or, is a pear on a platter, beneath a fig’s status? Happy holidays and definitely bring us some figgy pudding. Well done Maestro. BTG


  7. What a delightful, whimsical way to celebrate mistletoe and your fig fetish 💥. It’s so SO pretty, and your poem is a bonus.


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