I think that I shall never see

A fig that fails to entice me.


39 thoughts on “WALLFLOWERS…

    1. Ohh WOW back to you, Ms. Cob! I’ll have to spend some more time looking and reading your beautiful creations. The Avon Lady card….well!…and the simple fact you have an Avon Lady!!! What a hoot! Thank you for dropping by…..


  1. I like how you use shapes and your lines move. I think I’ve told you that before. It gives what you paint an energy or a life. At least, that’s the way I feel when I view them. Good painting.


    1. You keep me painting, Leslie, with your affirming comments especially re: style. That’s the teacher in you…which I appreciate. Thank you so much.



  2. I tried to paint a plate of figs once and it was a complete failure. I see your figs and I’m happy all over. Your pears aren’t bad either.


      1. Lookit this poetry going left and right… Hmmm… feeling like I should be making an effort here! 😉


  3. Although I’m tempted to change your title to the Queen of Figs, …. but nope … Queen of Roses stays … but the other one could be your secondary title. After all, members of the British Royal Family have several titles.

    Cheers to sharing your love of figs through your beautiful art. Love the color! … and may this one make you laugh. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyI3IL46yq4

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    1. FYI aFA, Put socks on to start another fun-filled day: Watched your figgy video gift; socks now laughed off; all on floor; include me.
      Grins and smiles reaching out from Rose 🌹 City Portland to beautiful downtown Cincinnati.
      Xxoo RR

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    2. O.M.G.!!! What memories! Is it bad that I can actually remember seeing this on TV? Jots is not the only one laughing on the floor! 😉

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