My Reader believes that we are what we quote, undoubtedly because of the folder I keep stuffed with scraps of paper of others’ words, albeit quotes, that resonate to the core. The folder on my desk is a cornucopia of borrowed lines. Words written by the famous, infamous, and sometimes nefarious goons who, on occasion, receive their fifteen-minutes of fame. But quotes, none-the-less, that go ringy-dingy in a mind that quickly over-loads with colourful, electric charges that morph quickly into my shouts of “Oh, bugger, I wish I’d said that!”

Personally speaking? I am visual in most aspects, which includes a passionate, colourful artistic view of…most everything. Which most certainly includes my emotions.

Over-the-top? Definitely. Sometimes a fleeting moment. Sometimes not. Mostly? Not.

 Quotes have practical uses. I can think of two: 1.) impress friends of one’s memory prowess, or 2) whether it be in words or drawings, capturing that vivid experience  that could be lost in transience if not recorded.  As a friend explained, “I can’t quite experience what I experience until I write about it…” I agree with that premise, however, my words become the visual jottings rendered by hand in pen and ink.

 This has been a year of great personal and parent loss. It has also been a year of discovery of new vistas and relationships. Expectations met and others, not so much. My heart is broken. Will I ever learn? Most likely not in this lifetime.

 I am whom I quote: from “In Sunshine and In Shadow” by Mark Halprin…

 Though he had never stated it, he felt from early childhood that life was magnificently intense in splendor overwhelming, in sight demanding, and in time very short. And that therefore the only worthwhile thing other than a noble showing in the face of its dangers was the ravishing connection of one heart to another.


                                     FIGUES a la’ DECO

To My Reader, and yes, please quote me… “Carry on…and SPARKLE.” 

I’ll be in touch…