My Reader believes that we are what we quote, undoubtedly because of the folder I keep stuffed with scraps of paper of others’ words, albeit quotes, that resonate to the core. The folder on my desk is a cornucopia of borrowed lines. Words written by the famous, infamous, and sometimes nefarious goons who, on occasion, receive their fifteen-minutes of fame. But quotes, none-the-less, that go ringy-dingy in a mind that quickly over-loads with colourful, electric charges that morph quickly into my shouts of “Oh, bugger, I wish I’d said that!”

Personally speaking? I am visual in most aspects, which includes a passionate, colourful artistic view of…most everything. Which most certainly includes my emotions.

Over-the-top? Definitely. Sometimes a fleeting moment. Sometimes not. Mostly? Not.

 Quotes have practical uses. I can think of two: 1.) impress friends of one’s memory prowess, or 2) whether it be in words or drawings, capturing that vivid experience  that could be lost in transience if not recorded.  As a friend explained, “I can’t quite experience what I experience until I write about it…” I agree with that premise, however, my words become the visual jottings rendered by hand in pen and ink.

 This has been a year of great personal and parent loss. It has also been a year of discovery of new vistas and relationships. Expectations met and others, not so much. My heart is broken. Will I ever learn? Most likely not in this lifetime.

 I am whom I quote: from “In Sunshine and In Shadow” by Mark Halprin…

 Though he had never stated it, he felt from early childhood that life was magnificently intense in splendor overwhelming, in sight demanding, and in time very short. And that therefore the only worthwhile thing other than a noble showing in the face of its dangers was the ravishing connection of one heart to another.


                                     FIGUES a la’ DECO

To My Reader, and yes, please quote me… “Carry on…and SPARKLE.” 

I’ll be in touch…

43 thoughts on “BORROWED LINES…

  1. A great post – that really resonates with me. I collect quotes as well, and for me they have one more purpose besides the two you mention here; to learn more – about life, love, creativity or anything else for that matter. Words wisdom in other words. And besides your words, I love the drawing of the figues.


    1. Yes, as in a conversation face-to-face with a friend or other, sometimes words become lost in the parade of talk. A quote captured on the page, as you so eloquently expressed, can be a learning tool about….anything and…everything. Your sentiments were appreciated…our quote folders must be similar in depth…


  2. I have fallen in love with these figs…figs are this magnificent gift of nature, they’ve seen the world evolve around them and have managed to stay intact from it all… I recently found a pin that asked: what do the quotes you keep say about you? and am anxious to find out… sending you a loving hug, Alexandra


  3. Okay, I love the title of this post! I LOVE X 3 “Carry on and SPARKLE”. And I further love the painting of the figs. I’m sorry for your loss this year….but thank you for adding some SPARKLE to my day!

    Much love for a happy new year ahead,


  4. i LOVE that painting! i wish i could see it in person!

    ecuador has the custom of burning ‘ano viejo’ effigies at midnight on new year’s eve. you’re burning away the past year – all good, all bad, just getting out of the psyche so you can step into the new year w/a clean slate….

    here’s to 2014 – may it bring great and wonderful presents to us each month!



    1. 2014…the opportunities for a “very good year” are around us all…though some may need the nudge to face fears and move forward. I’d like to think, like BTG, that numbers are growing in effort to help others open new doors of opportunity and well-being.


  5. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.


  6. Jots, for my final post of the year I have left a present under your Christmas tree and it is scheduled to arrive Christmas Day. Merry Christmas and thanks for your support, MM 🎄


    1. How exciting, MM…presents across the seas…like hands and hearts. Sending you a piano piece I’m practicing at the moment. A lovely tune by Jon Schmidt from the Piano Guys entitled ALL OF ME. I’ve promised A Frank Angle (see below) from Cincinnati I’d play a wee concert for he and his Mrs. should they ever visit Portland…same to you and your Mrs…a wee concert on my piano..…Happy Christmas! Jots


  7. Wonderful, there is nothing better than to hear words that hit my emotions at the time… “Carry on…and SPARKLE.” is perfect, as while ’13 was a challenging year, it just makes me all that much more prepared for ’14. Take care, and enjoy the holiday season! Cheers.


  8. With the sparkle you deliver, I cannot image how anyone could break your heart.

    Of course I did notice that I’ve never used nefarious, albeit, and jottings in a post – let alone the same post …. and then there’s elucidate.

    Your painting brings a definite sparkle, Seeing the figs on the plate reminded me that you may enjoy this … after all, it also has music that fits your creation.

    Thanks for the cheer and the smiles.


    1. aFA…Watched the provided video and hyperventilated….

      Figs on a pan, plate and platter.
      My fetish is showing but what does it matter?
      With scores of so many figs in sight
      JOTS spirits were lifted to heavenly heights!

      You Rock!


  9. Ahhh… I too am a collector of quotes. I even have a document in my computer with colourful quotes picked up here and there.

    Lest you think I’m one of those priggish over-organised prat – those I collected whilst at work when I was supposed to be working!

    PLUS I do have an overstuffed folder….

    Carry on and SPARKLE will be joining the computer document (if I can remember where I filed it….)


    1. That was a laugh-outloud response. Did you hear me?
      Loved the biscotti video…especially the part where it all fell apart like the bowling ball hitting all ten pins. You recovered nicely though.


      1. Absolutely I heard you!
        Thanks (did ya see the fruit cake one? I manage to bloop on every friggen one I do – guess it’s my natural moi!)


        1. See how I fixed my questions and your answers???? I have magic fingers. Late at night (like now although it is not that late) am cursed with a twisted sense of humour…pardon moi s il vous plait.

          No, didn’t see the fruit cake one…but will since I may be the only American who really likes and eats fruitcake…will look at the video tomorrow.

          I am [most sincerely and joking put aside] fascinated by the obvious life change you have made. Read with great interest the thank you, and honour you gave to your three most influential family members.

          Well done. Well done. All.


          1. Yes, you are magic (a nice witch, I hope)

            Ahhh… you are not alone; there are more out there who eat that stuff – and once the others taste mine, well, the haters will become lovers!

            Thanks. A total change indeed. One I’d wanted to do since forever and just never had the balls. So I made arrangements with the Universe and am now where I want to be. Now, if I can just earn a living at it!


  10. My wife has a favorite.

    “The world is changed, and decisions made, by those who show up.”

    I, too have a folder of quotes that I enjoy. Sadly, many I run across get lost in the effort to find a pen and paper to write them down, to put in the folder…


    1. When (and if) I sit down…my pen and notebook are always at the ready. One never knows when that very special jewel is going to glow with resonance.

      I do like Mrs. Barney’s quote…and it is now written down in my over-stuffed folder. Thank her, please.


  11. To me, quotes help elucidate something I felt but hadn’t verbalized, at least not in a sensible way. I don’t collect a lot of them, but I have one by Steve Jobs stuck to my fridge with a magnet, and another from a Jonathan Franzen book saved to my notes on my iPhone. Clearly I need a better quote-organization system…


    1. Try the over-stuffed folder method…then you can spend hours pawing through and re-reading all of them…just to get to the one you think you have…but don’t. Works for me…


    2. I like that word “elucidate”…writing it on my quote folder with your name. I’ll use it for something I’m sure…most likely to plagiarize something out of your book.


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