My Reader is so excited…a trip to Ireland and no bags to pack! There will be no tickets to buy, no baggage fees and best of all…no jet-lag once we all arrive. Accommodations will be provided by MeticulousMick (you OK with that MM?), and I’ll buy the first couple of rounds at the corner pub. It just doesn’t get any better…

MeticulousMick, photographer extraordinaire and travel industry guru, has combined his photo “Last of the Leaves” with a watercolour, pen and ink drawing I did of that [same] photo in today’s post on his website.

Artistic Licence – Collaboration

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My Reader is a stickler for all the legalities, legalese, please(es) and thank youse most especially when it comes to permissions, propriety, proper punctuation in a partnering production. For My Reader’s benefit I did all that.

MM did all the heavy lifting, at my request. Consider it a grace period for JOTS as another fandango fig watercolour/pen&ink drawing is giving me fits at the moment. At MM’s suggestion, I may staple their arses to my drawing board if they don’t start behaving….

I’ll be in touch….