My Reader is so excited…a trip to Ireland and no bags to pack! There will be no tickets to buy, no baggage fees and best of all…no jet-lag once we all arrive. Accommodations will be provided by MeticulousMick (you OK with that MM?), and I’ll buy the first couple of rounds at the corner pub. It just doesn’t get any better…

MeticulousMick, photographer extraordinaire and travel industry guru, has combined his photo “Last of the Leaves” with a watercolour, pen and ink drawing I did of that [same] photo in today’s post on his website.

Artistic Licence – Collaboration

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My Reader is a stickler for all the legalities, legalese, please(es) and thank youse most especially when it comes to permissions, propriety, proper punctuation in a partnering production. For My Reader’s benefit I did all that.

MM did all the heavy lifting, at my request. Consider it a grace period for JOTS as another fandango fig watercolour/pen&ink drawing is giving me fits at the moment. At MM’s suggestion, I may staple their arses to my drawing board if they don’t start behaving….

I’ll be in touch….


18 thoughts on “FREE TRIP TO IRELAND…

  1. it’s so great to be double dipping into posts of your recent work! i love love love your style, and matched with your wit – i always leave with a smirk thanks to you!

    so when”s your show? you’re getting a nice collection of paintings that deserves a larger audience!


  2. Raye, our best family vacation ever was a tour of Ireland. We still have memories on our walls of the trip which included passing through Cork. Thanks for the free return visit. All the best, BTG


  3. Jots, there’s another bed waiting here so don’t you dare visit MM without dropping in on me! I’ve made a comment for both of you on MM’s site. You have done a wonderful job. I am still at the ‘photo realism’ stage and hope one day to be able to interpret a scene or image the way you have and find my own style. Your light and colours ‘sing’ off the page. Oh, and your painting is fab too! 🙂


    1. …and I just loved your beach rock interpretation…can’t remember if I made a comment on your post. I looked at it, and remarked to myself, “Self…why can’t you do that??” Gorgeous! Oh…what fun to come to Ireland again. Thank you…may take you up on that bed invitation since I’m coming home [again] in 2014 to attend a birthday party for one of the couples I travelled with in September. (See ONE DAY LIKE TODAY.) Scooting over to you and MM would be simple. Continue to work on those feisty figs…getting out the stapler….
      Happy Christmas to you and yours…..Raye


      1. Thanks Raye and happy Christmas to you too. I remember seeing that lovely post ‘One day like today’ and loving it so I have gone back for another look. You have captured the essence of England – really lovely. P


    1. Top o’ the Mornin’ to ya, El G…trip to the Land of Green was fantastic. Saved you a seat…but one of us has to work, right? Next time….
      It’s Friday….take on the weekend with gusto!!


      1. Can’t help myself… I know a kindred spirit when I *see* one!
        Aw crap! Now I’m gonna be late for my chiro appointment and it’s all YOUR fault!


        1. Crikey…now I have to follow you…as if I didn’t have enough on my plate today. Not “follow” as in stalk you or sit in the car while you do the chiro thing…but…follow you….


  4. That is an oh-my-gosh wonderful painting based on a beautiful photograph. What a wonderful collaboration, and cheers to both of you with your praises of the other … of course I’m a partial to the Portland Rose.


    1. aFA…how you always manage to make my day!!

      Just so you know…I try and try and try to “do” your musical “tests of smartness” and fail every time. I am dancing in my heart and with my feet, however, and with you in spirit….


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