Fetish for FIGS…

Fetish for FIGSFetish for FIGS…

It came as a challenge

It came as a dare,

So I went to the studio

And plopped in my chair.

 What began as the one

But concluded with four,

It became quite apparent

There was room for one more.

 Five FIGS to be settled

In harmonious collusion,

On a bed of fine paper

Seemed the fittest solution.

 With pencil and ruler

With ink, paint and co-lour,

Five FIGS emerged quickly

In good humoured ga-lore.

 The time was approaching

The hour finally right,

To unleash this wild fetish

Of FIGGY delights.

 I breathed hot and heavy

Then named them each one,

On, Fiesty! On, Fester! On, Follie and Fudd

And not far behind came FeFiFoFum!

 Think what you will

Think what you might,

BTG’s challenge stands in good stead

And five fractured FIGS bid each a good night.


63 thoughts on “Fetish for FIGS…

  1. This painting is incredible, and the words as well…funny an seem written with a great mood 🙂 Reminds me of the fig tree outside my grandmother’s house. Happy Holidays!


    1. So much fun, isn’t it?? MM has a wonderful sense of humour and we’ve had many smiles…across so many miles…to get our Leaf Work done. I’ve done none of the work…he’s the heavy lifter! Thank you so much for your comment. Jots


  2. Jots, just finished the post, it will be up tomorrow at 8:15 am Friday 13th UK/Irish time, which I guess is 03:15 Eastern time and late evening / night where you are. May like to reblog on your own site to get the credit you deserve. 🍀


    1. MM you are a wonderment!! Not sure if you are 8 hrs. ahead of me or seven? UK is eight. I live in Portland OR which is on west coast of US…Pacific Time. I will certainly be on the lookout for your post and…thank you so much for taking this on. Working on another FIG and it is causing fits at the moment. Taking longer than expected…and with a deadline drawing near. Reposting may give me a grace period…thank you for that!! Jots


      1. No worries Jots, good luck with the figs – just tell them to keep still and if that does not work then staple their arses to the table. 🍀


        1. Coffee through the nose on the stapled arses comment. Neither one…coffee through nose/stapled arses a pretty sight!! Laughing loudly…I think I woke up my neighbours!


  3. LOL … just popped over to see if I missed a post during my time away last week … and then I laughed while thinking … this is why you mentioned Fig Day. 😉 Cheers and smiles to you on this day!


    1. Actually, aFA….I have another one coming off the drawing board…which is why I needed dispensation to add another “Fig Day” to your Day Dairy! Just needed some assurance that…frolicking figs were not to be forgotten…if I had my [continuing] way.


    1. Thank you, Jennie! I grew up on a “truck” farm in southern California…we grew vegetables…and had an enormous fig tree on the property. My grandfather used to put me in the bucket of the tractor…he’d then raise it as close to the top of the tree as possible so I could pick the really big figs!! My Mother’s fig jam was the best!!! Thanks for the follow…


  4. “Fetish for Figs” is gorgeous, Jots! I like the linework in and throughout the figs because drawing always is my first love. Then the color and the composition with the black and white checkered background! Amazing!


    1. Glad you said that, Leslie…”…drawing always …first love.” I’m such an inadequate watercolourist….drawing always pulls me back into the fold of comfort zone. I know. I know…be brave..accept a new challenge. I’m trying…….

      Thank you for your comments.


    1. Made my day Ms. MainStreet! Thank you. On another note, my computer is still “locking” me out of your posts, which makes it impossible for me to read you. Is there anything you can do to whatever spyware you use? Raye


      1. You’re welcome! And that’s a bummer –I have no idea why you can’t receive my posts. If you don’t mind contacting WordPress support, you can ask them. That’s what I’ve done in the past when I don’t receive blog posts and they’ve always corrected the problem.


  5. Raye, I am fevered by your fantastically fun fig phrasings (I cheated with the ph). Anyone who names one of their figs Fester, has to have an Addams Family fetish. You more than met the challenge. And, please remember “you’re so fine, the fine folks call you fine.” BTG


    1. A filigree feather in my felted fedora! Your favourable flattery leaves facility to phonate (cheating is good) failing in filtration. Flushed with frisky frolics!!


  6. I’m looking forward to your foray into children’s lit with the upcoming “The Adventures of Fester F. Figg”. I’m thinking the illustrations will be as captivating as the story.


  7. Silliness is one of the finest characteristics for anyone to have! Well, that and a plateful of delicious, colorful, inspiring figs. 😀


    1. Oh yes….my absolute favourite delicacy! Did you know that Jo Malone (fragrance diva from London) has a Wild Fig & Cassis Cologne? Another favourite…but of course!


  8. aha! am home sweet home with sluggish internet, and the page won’t open – but alas! i can hit the ‘reply’  button, and my comment should reach you!

    this is BRILLIANT and fun and you are a genius!




    1. Genius? Perhaps not, Z! Just lightening the load of a very gray day here in Portland.
      Glad you are home safe and sound. I’ve missed you…..we need to have a sit down….


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