Promiscuous PEARS…

Promiscuous PEARSPromiscuous PEARS

pro-mis-cu-ous: adj. 1) Composed of persons or things confusedly mingled.

25 thoughts on “Promiscuous PEARS…

    1. Your stuff is really so much better than mine. Enjoyed reading about the class you took where the teacher only used brush and paint….no drawing allowed. I choked on that and began to cry. Don’t know why…it just happened. Perhaps fear of brush?


  1. ah! my comments won’t go through, but replying via email gives me this ‘eureka’ kind of power! you are on an amazing creative roll, and i love all that you’re doing, madam renaissance! z



  2. The first thing it did was to click the image for an in-close search for promiscuity. On the other hand, a closer examination allowed me to see the detail and perception of depth. Although I’m limiting my blogging due to an overloaded plate, once I received notification of your new post, I had to drop by to see the latest from the Queen of Portland.


    1. You continue to be a Prince, aFrankA! Me? Not so much the queen, more like LadyWingWaiter…

      Thinking about you and Mrs aFA and the full plates you are juggling, and hoping that time will heal those ills. Let me know when we can take another stroll around your neighborhood…walking…talking…it’s all good.


      1. It’s always a pleasure to chat with the fine Lady of Portland. Yes, a bit of a challenge at the moment, but I hope to update on the next Monday Morning Entertainment. Meanwhile, gotta keep doing what we can.


        1. Right you are, BTG. However…hadn’t thought of alliteration possibilities until you brought fact-filled fractured fig follies to the forefront. Shame on you….


      1. I was!
        Sadly, it only took a day back at work to get grumpy again.
        Time to start planning the next adventure I suppose…


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