To save time I shall paraphrase the proclamate found on the ABOUT JOTS page: “…non-bearing of grudges and certainly no annoying voices of gripes, vexed-ness, and/or bad attitudes.”

 Much to My Readers dismay, and with shovel in hand to better dig the hole deeper, I shall also direct My Reader to HALF-TRUTHS. A post written when I was young and foolish…two years ago when I had concentrated time for the poppycock of politics.

It seems I am still foolish..however not as young and should know better. Just because you can peg your laundry, knickers and all, in front of your neighbour’s picture window…doesn’t mean you should.


The salvaged water coloured paper UNEVEN TEARS is  torn bits of pencil, pen and ink drawings, woven into a simple warp/weft collage. Uneven tears: rip apart or tear to pieces, or tear to rags or tatters, or tear limb from limb.

UNEVEN TEARS                                           UNEVEN TEARS

My university undergrad program was an independent study in the Fibre’ Arts: primarily the discipline and ancient art of weaving.  I had sheep to shear; fleece to wash and card; roving to spin and weave…on looms that required a farm, time and space. The farm and looms are gone…as are the sheep…but the lessons learned from the intricacies of weaving spill over into the fabric (if you please) of my everyday life. Through this, since I’m making an analogy of fabric-to-life, it is the uneven-ness of a fabric tear that can bring one up by the short-hairs…when things go wrong and can’t be repaired…or put back together the way they were. Things don’t always turn out as planned…or at least turn out the way you thought they should. Some fabrics that are torn…stay torn. And, in this, my fifteen-minutes-of-anger-fame-instance…should.

That’s my gripe and certainly my vexed-ness. Since this is my post-of-apology and My Reader is now folding the laundry that blocked your picture window view, a quote from E. M. Forster:

“Personal relations are the important thing for ever and ever, and not this outer life of telegrams and anger.”

and another from our friend: Edna St. Vincent Millay:

“It is not true that life is one damn thing after another…it’s one damn thing over and over.”

and from me:

Half-truths will always and forever be whole-lies.

Thank you.

I’ll be in touch…