Ham House Garden Patio Ham, Surrey England

Ham House Garden Patio Ham, Surrey England

I look up to My Reader. Admire My Reader. I think My Reader is the Toot’s Potatoes…please excuse my personal coined phrase for Brilliance Plus.  My Reader has accomplished the un-accomplishable, and has left no emotional room for anything less than inspired adulation.

 El Guapo has written a heart-felt post about why he decided to blog. Of course, there was the coveted book deal;  the getting-rich money thing; the posting of naked snow angel antics; the book and money-thing again…but most important…the dream of jet skiing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic.

Wait! That’s the small stuff…

What I heard him whisper behind the hand that covered his mouth was that he really blogged because of us…

You. Me.

I think what happened on the way to the Book Dealer with Pockets of Money was us. You. Me. 

 …as in Us.

A community.

A family of sorts. Sometimes in-sorts…and sometimes out-of-sorts. Us found a level of respect (never leave the toilet seat in the up position) and safety (choosing our own levels of what we share and what we do not)…which now brings me to, Susie, My Other Reader. I will admit to being a groupie and one of Susie’s WILD RIDERS.  Combined with all the other WILD RIDERS we make a huge US…a tight knit community…a family of family.

There are times when you need everyone home, sitting ‘round the table and milling about the house. There are times when endless pots of coffee need to be made and poured, stories to be told and strength passed from hand-to-hand like cream and sugar.

 It’s us, Susie…we are all here. We are all home for you.