Ham House Garden Patio Ham, Surrey England

Ham House Garden Patio Ham, Surrey England

I look up to My Reader. Admire My Reader. I think My Reader is the Toot’s Potatoes…please excuse my personal coined phrase for Brilliance Plus.  My Reader has accomplished the un-accomplishable, and has left no emotional room for anything less than inspired adulation.

 El Guapo has written a heart-felt post about why he decided to blog. Of course, there was the coveted book deal;  the getting-rich money thing; the posting of naked snow angel antics; the book and money-thing again…but most important…the dream of jet skiing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic.

Wait! That’s the small stuff…

What I heard him whisper behind the hand that covered his mouth was that he really blogged because of us…

You. Me.

I think what happened on the way to the Book Dealer with Pockets of Money was us. You. Me. 

 …as in Us.

A community.

A family of sorts. Sometimes in-sorts…and sometimes out-of-sorts. Us found a level of respect (never leave the toilet seat in the up position) and safety (choosing our own levels of what we share and what we do not)…which now brings me to, Susie, My Other Reader. I will admit to being a groupie and one of Susie’s WILD RIDERS.  Combined with all the other WILD RIDERS we make a huge US…a tight knit community…a family of family.

There are times when you need everyone home, sitting ‘round the table and milling about the house. There are times when endless pots of coffee need to be made and poured, stories to be told and strength passed from hand-to-hand like cream and sugar.

 It’s us, Susie…we are all here. We are all home for you.




13 thoughts on “HOW FAR CAN WE GO…

  1. this is beautiful amiga! i wondered why /how i missed it,and then i realized that we lost power that day, and then i dashed to meet the tour group, and then two days with them, four days with the painting competition, and now i’m on day three helping my friend with a painting marathon in the family restaurant!

    yes, we find amazing family through wordpress, and i am so thankful to be able to keep in touch with people like you. you amaze me!

    after a deep hard sleep at a nearby hostal, i’m heading to the restaurant for the final day of painting. wish you could be here!


    1. z…Thanks for the invite. You know I’d be there in a flash. Thank you also for kind comments, and, yes, community where ever it is made…this one especially…amazing!
      You are the inspiring one, Z….let us make no mistake about that!! Raye


  2. Wonderful post, as usual. I’ve been a long time follower of Susie, and admire beyond words her courage and spirit in sharing. It’s just dawning the morning of the 31st here, the day of her surgery, I understand. My thoughts, as well as those of the community of bloggers, are with her. Thanks for the inspiring post


  3. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much! I cried when I read this. What an incredible drawing and post! I am printing this out to keep.

    I really appreciate the love and support I have found through blogging. It is as real to me as any friends I have in Boulder. In fact, I think bloggers that read my posts know me better and I am sure you agree.
    I have met several in person and we already knew each other! It was so cool!

    Thanks again so much for your support and for being a part of my Wild Ride!


  4. I take pride in being the odd, wise-cracking uncle in this community. I’ll be at my post out on the edge of town making fun of things and commenting on passersby, if anyone needs me. You know where to find me, Susie.


  5. And once again, you eloquently and concisely say what I won’t be able to tomorrow in twice as many words.
    (But I did write a poll just for her!)
    (And not my first poll idea either.That was too crass even for me.)

    Rock on Susie!


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