If You will take your seat we’ll get started. Let’s pretend this is an unofficial White House (“room”) Press Conference and…Mr. Obama won’t be coming because he doesn’t know anything. Clarification:  he doesn’t know anything about my injury and why I’m now delivering this press conference address and most other comments in…lower case…and why I won’t be entertaining much of anything but my [now] usual afternoon nap.

Remember my previous post MYRNA AND ME? For My Reader who did read that missive…thank you so much.

You didn’t? Yes, I’m talking to You the other person in the room seated in the last row. You go have a look-see at “Raye’s Portland Sunrise” picture…and then imagine me tripping [envision crashing hand/face first] over a moored ship’s line on the west side river wall right about…there…that dark spot down in front.  See? If there was a question and answer time, which there is not You might be asking, “What were you thinking…?”

 ABBA. I was thinking ABBA and listening to “Dancing Queen” and making hard-fast time: 3.5 miles in under fifty minutes. Satisfied?

 No more questions for You. Period.

 Right hand will be in a cast contraption for a long while. Pavement burns disappearing. Bruises once purple and ugly now yellow and ugly.

Left hand working overtime:

+There are good hair days and bad. It is difficult to tell which is which.

+Have given up wearing anything with zips, snaps, small hooks.

+Elastic, spandex. pull-ups and pull-ons are my best friends.

+Along with Morphine, Valium, oxycodone, Tetanus injection…and aspirin shooters.

 +Hoovering is not a priority…which means my cats who sow kitty litter like Ohio farmers planting spring corn…leave grains of litter everywhere:  floors, rugs…my knickers…since I fall down while pulling them on with one hand. You can be sure that’s an ouch on the cheek and I’m not talking face…..

+Piano-ing Haydn, Beethoven or Bach, Joplin or Brubeck two-handed…a long slog away according to my twelve-year-old-looking hand surgeon.

 This White Room Conference sans Mr. Obama is now officially closed…not to be repeated, regurgitated, reviewed or re-examined. It does not surprise me that My Reader, and now You, are better informed on not only my hand injury…but…most everything else.

On that extreme high note  (no pun) indulge my Left-Hand in celebration of a left-handed attempt at pen & ink, watercolour and collage’ in recognition of: E.R. and Hand Surgeon Docs who give care, healing advice, hugs and some wee drugs; perfect strangers for helpfulness; friends for assistance; family for unconditional love; ABBA for reminding me that the “Dancing Queen” crown belongs to someone else…temporarily.

I am calm and yes..I will always carry on….

"Dance me to the end of love..."   Leonard Cohen

“Dance me to the end of love…”  leonard cohen













47 thoughts on “DANCE ME…

  1. I just wanted you to know that I have read several of your posts and the combination of art, poetry, and your prose is medicine for the soul. You have a beautiful gift. Correction. You are that gift. ~ Pamela


  2. So sorry to hear about your accident! One-handed art…I’m thoroughly impressed! Your positive attitude is truly inspirational. Heal quickly and don’t do too much too soon. 🙂


  3. What a wonderfully talented left hand I thought the right was great but the left has won by a hairs whisker, so the right has to get better soon to catch up with the competition from the left. I hope you are making a speedy recovery and that you are being very well pampered. Hope to catch up soon…best wishes, James


  4. Ouch! I hope you are feeling better (or at least less in pain soon). The painting is amazing! Your Left Hand is super talented. 🙂


    1. lovely comment both the empathetic OUCH and for my dancing flamenco women!
      thank you so much!! Yes, drs. visit yesterday was really good surgery!!!!YEA


  5. I chuckled; I giggled and I laughed out loud. Not AT you, mind you, but at your antics. I truly hope you are well on the recovery route. I would offer to hug you, but given the state of gracefulness we both seem to share……an ambulance ride would most likely be forthcoming.

    Alas, do hope you rest and restore as quickly as may be.


    1. i’ve hung out in darkened corners waiting to catch a glimpse of you passing by. so nice to see you, no-z!! reading and catching up on your antics (no ambulance rides today?…not even with me…) makes me wiser and dare I say it …younger?
      not so, little bean…she said smiling….as we passed in the light…..


  6. Jots,
    How about I bring us some coffee and we can enjoy at nice and slow chat on your balcony? And please, don’t even get up for me, I’ll walk right in after knocking three times.
    Le Clown


    1. thank you so much for stopping by, and offering good well wishes to boot!! as a beginning watercolourist…it is frustrating, and now self-teaching with the left-hand…even more so. hide the errors with colour!!! right!! no….left?


  7. Omg. Hope you get out of the white room soon, get well and be well. Still, it’s such a spirited post I figure you aren’t far from your usual self. : ) And the painting is fabulous. I inspired to start practising again.Take care!


    1. monica….what? you haven’t stopped painting, have you? you have inspired me to take up watercolours…not my strong suit whilst going to university. we should both ‘get with it’……


      1. Hi Raye! I have been so busy with a new job the last year. But you have inspired me and I intend to start sketching and painting again soon. Yes, we should both just get on with it. The world is never going to stop spinning anytime soon, and work is never going to finish anyway. And we may as well just keep at finding time to so the things that we love : ) You will see some results of what Monica wants to draw soon! Cheers!


  8. it’s weird to give a “like” to a post about the author being in pain, so just to be clear my “like” is for the fact that you are able to post, to joke and to make a beautiful watercolour painting when you are having trouble with the normal random everyday stuff… and like Z mentions (and have also been through) don’t over do with your healthy hand 🙂 Oh yes, I do remember your very cheerful Myrna & Me post, sorry for the not so cheerful conclusion…take care, Alexandra


    1. left handed drawing not so bad…and since i’m still learning how to watercolour…i have a good excuse for looking like a beginner. thank you for your encouragement.


  9. Sometimes we manage to leave (bury in cement?) the past, and I realized as I read this that I had totally forgotten about my broken left shoulder that kept me hobbled for over a year.

    “Don’t pick up anything, Lisa,” Doc said, “…and I mean not even that stack of magazines,” he nodded toward five or six magazines balancing at the edge of his desk.

    “DOC! Do you remember who you’re talking to?” I retorted.

    “I mean it Lisa. You’ll have to wear a sling for a long time, and don’t do anything with that arm…”

    Over the next month, I quickly submitted to his orders, not because they were orders, but because it hurt to try to sweep. It hurt to try to put a nail in the wall to hang a painting. It hurt to roll down my window to push the ‘talk’ button in a drive-through bank or fast-food restaurant. Thankfully I could shift gears with my right/good hand.

    I used the other hand/arm so much that I injured it as well.

    Now both are strong and healthy.

    You do have my sympathy and my empathy.

    Shall I slam a few nails into a wall in your behalf?!



    1. Z…my twelve year-old-looking doctor doesn’t know me very well…which is probably a good thing or he might have referred me to someone else….but i’m trying to follow orders. like you…difficult…but really now…pain and suffering only goes so far and then friends and family begin to throw sticks and stones. real sticks. real stones.


        1. …and here i’m always thinkin’ the same about you…your writing…your ART. inspiring you are…..
          let us stop here… which will make me the ‘winner’……laughing….at us!


  10. Ouch! Sorry to hear that happened, glad to hear you are handling with the elan, grace and style we’ve come to expect.

    And hey, I have two working hands, and all my days are bad hair days.

    Get well soon! (And if there’s anything I can do for you from the other side of the country, let me know.)


      1. El G…i will keep looking for that marvelous yet hunky handsome Texas Two-Stepper until i’m…done…kaput..finito. he’s out there…somewhere…probably over some rainbow in Kansas wearing my red slippers…


  11. Ouch. Please mend well and fast. I am sorry for the pavement burns and broken bones. Were you singing S.O.S. by ABBA after you went down? Bad joke, but could not resist the temptation. I am sure you sing their songs better than Pierce Brosnan did. Take care Sweet Raye of Sunshine. All the best, BTG


    1. Pierce Brosnan can sing? Oh…I shall never ever listen to ABBA again/S.O.S. again w/o thinking of snarky btg and his ‘rye’ sense of humour!! Smiling…and yes, the sun is shining…..R.


      1. Have you seen the movie version of Mamma Mia? He does try to sing. It is very unBond-like. Fortunately for the movie, Meryl Streep can sing. Take care, BTG


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