Remember Myrna? Electric Company? In early days, Myrna was the Queen Instructress of the Possessive Noun. Here’s a refresher……

Capitalizing on Myrna’s possessive nature, I’m going to take you with me on my six-in-the-morning, 3.5 mile fast-walk along the Willamette River.

Mind you, in possessive Myrna style…

Raye's Portland Sunrise

Raye’s Portland Sunrise

Raye's Steel Bridge

Raye’s Steel Bridge Over the Willamette River

Raye's Walk Under the Bridge Over the Willamette River

Raye’s Walkway Underneath the Steel Bridge

Raye's Morning Walking On Water...

Raye’s Morning Walk With Others

Raye's Burnside Bridge Over the Willamette River

Raye’s Burnside Bridge

Raye's Morrison Bridge

Raye’s Morrison Bridge

Raye's View Looking West to Downtown Portland

Raye’s Hawthorne Bridge

Raye's Walking Map

Raye’s Map

Raye's Mis-Matched Trainers Because She Dressed in the Dark...

Raye’s Mis-Matched Trainers Because Raye Dressed in the Dark…

Myrna’s closet has a matching pair of these trainers…!