Remember Myrna? Electric Company? In early days, Myrna was the Queen Instructress of the Possessive Noun. Here’s a refresher…… Capitalizing on Myrna’s possessive nature, I'm going to take you with me on my six-in-the-morning, 3.5 mile fast-walk along the Willamette River. Mind you, in possessive Myrna style... Myrna's closet has a matching pair of these... Continue Reading →



EDIT:  LIFE. ERROR. Due to a recent editing error in Friday’s Review stating the gallery was slated for an April opening,  the article should have instead read:  April closing. Lively yet wrong speculation over this now closing event begat rumour-mill drivel.  I apologise for any circumstance in or beyond my control this may have caused.... Continue Reading →

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