Don't Wear A Shoe That Pinches...
Do Not Wear A Shoe That Pinches…

28 thoughts on “DO NOT WEAR…

  1. What a lovely way to say it Raye. I love it.

    As I grow older, and wiser, I learn to love myself more than the image of myself. While I still love beautiful shoes, I try to take care of my own comfort. Why suffer high heels and uncomfortable shoes? Let’s love ourselves a little more.


  2. Nice work, but, the whole ballet thing never registered or made any sense to me. It just left me confused. I have treated ballet dancers and observed their horrible feet. I have dutifully gone to my daughters ballet recitals, decades ago, when she was little and going through all the things and stages good little american girls “do”… but, I just never got it. If, instead of standing on their toes, someone, some dance genius, in the dim past turned it all up side down and today ballet dancers danced and spun around on their heals instead of their toes… I equally wouldn’t get that either.

    “Toes UP girls… that’s right, point those toes at the sky!”


  3. Lots of pictures with people balancing on their toes. It looks like that would hurt regardless of the shoe pinching or not. Of course, I would fall over if I every got on my toes. My question is did a woman or man invent those pumps that women wear? After my wife stopped working downtown, it took about nine months for her callouses to go away from shoving her toes into those pointed shoes. Just a few ramblings. Have a great MLK weekend. BTG


    1. I think, BTG, that if you look at women’s shoe labels (and please…take this as judgement) for the most part…men are the design culprits. Is there a message here? Another note: when in Italy I saw beautiful women in 4 inchers walking on cobbles. Ask Mrs. BTG how they do that…let me know. Please.


      1. If a man had to wear pumps, they would not exist. Hugh might like this supposition. I think heels were invented to keep your feet out of the muck which was more than just mud. As for what is going in Italy, we Americans are not allowed to be critical of others shoes, especially Italian ones which are more elegant than what we wear here.


    1. My Mother, as a Bevy Beauty, had a much used pair of ballet toe shoes. Hers. I wish I had them now to draw to help her remember her much kinder and younger years. Thank you, Susie, always nice to see you….


  4. Beautiful! Love the negative space.

    I always wondered why they don’t make steel toed ballet shoes with lots of padding in the front.


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