Just ONE reason (and there are many more) the Pacific Northwest state of Oregon is so beautiful is because…we get a lot of rain. True Oregonians don’t measure our annual rainfall in inches. Forget that. We go for yards or meters. That is a lot of wet, and when our yards/meters of precipitation  begins to number in the seven, eight or nine month’s duration…that would be (traditionally) September through April, May and/or June… white flags of surrender begin to appear. Enough becomes…enough. Usually to no avail.

This year, however, the bar was raised on the normal and usual expectation of the golden months in our north, Northwest area ending  August September. There was a spritz of a sprinkle one day in September and then…nada. Blue skies. More blue skies. It was a stupendous reprieve. An endless summer, if you will. Smiles and frown less brows were every where, as were sleeveless t-tops, bare legs and flip-flops. Euphoria.

Heaven on earth…and no sign of letting up.

Until now…today, Thursday, 10.11.12.

Yes? There’s a comment? About those sequential numbers? I hear you…..

Predicted rain totals for the Portland metropolitan area and surrounding rural area for tomorrow and throughout the weekend could total 1-2 inches rain. There could be 2-5 inches in the mountains and maybe 2-4 on the coast. The flood alert has been sounded. Snow chain advertisements have begun to appear.

We all knew our open windows, warm breezes and lingering sunshine couldn’t and wouldn’t last….which  brings me to some visual reflections of where I live…and today begin to hunker down for the dark cave of days to come.  Gawd only knows My Reader and I are going to have to remind ourselves, come February 2013, what the sun looked like only months before…and what we did for fun before it began raining yards and yards and yards….with maybe some paralyzing “close down the city” snow… thrown in for good measure.

Let this be fair warning…come February when my white flag begins to wave…a ticket to anywhere but here will be gladly accepted…