There’s something to be said about the English language. Language can be directionally challenged. Final destination or designation unknown. Which brings me to My Reader who is currently knee-deep in the “to-ma-toe” versus “toe-may-toe” dispute.  Having said that…add nuance, syntax, stuff and other stuff.

The question is:  Is it allowable to be knackered in your knickers but never knicker-knackered?  I do have it on good authority…one could. However,  even My Reader advises against it.

Further more…single cream is not double cream, full cream, clotted or cotillion, and  half and half, and half is where we started…the English language…directionally challenged…destination and/or designation sometimes unknown, add to that the  The Final Question-able Christine’s arrival from Yorkshire, England via Seattle to Portland  this Monday last.    Sans the written word.