Re-posted: Tea For Two, Day 196, by Mike Drummond of 36ixty5

Time off for good behavior (defined loosely) has its benefits: time to organize and re-organize whatever needs to be moved, washed and dried, thrown-out, recycled…or just left alone.

Once upon a time,  after becoming a widow at an early age…and finally finishing my Art Education degree so I could keep family and soul together…it became quite apparent that Art teachers never leave their jobs…they die AT or ON the job. Which meant, essentially, I’d be teaching…but not Art.  Plan B was then super-imposed over the best of intentions, and as usual, life moved on.  However, no matter what My Reader says…creativity is ageless. Creativity is timeless.

Mike Drummond’s “Tea for Tea” appealed to my linear sensibilities when I first saw his submission  Day 196.. Tea for Two.

The watercolour and ink interpretation, especially the figs, is through no one’s fault  but my own….actually, not a fault…

…more like a passion.

Yes. Definitely a passion.

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