My Reader reminded me yesterday that Christmas is coming. That reminder can only mean that My Reader has begun to make THE LIST. A numbered list. A many numbered list.

Not a good sign.

Which brings me to…numbers, and while I’m at it….might as well mention some unfinished business and…pesky rules.


Neither of which (as you know) I’m exceptionally good at, honour or reverently care about.

First…a lovely, lovely Dublin friend jensinewall  dropped by for a chat and left not only her gift of friendship but an award…


Thank You to Jensine for the award, but mostly, also and too,  for being so wise well beyond your years.

                                                Here is The Factual Numbered List With Facts About Me that should not be confused with My Reader’s Many Numbered Christmas List

1. My 10-year-old Yellow Lab, Babe, I rescued when she was three. She is now a REAL dog. A dog-dog. It makes me incredibly happy that she is a happy, dog-dog.

  2. I’ve lived in England and travelled. A lot.

3. Loved living in England!

4. Love travelling.

5. Paddle on the Willamette River, Portland OR twice a week with GFriend Jane, and 10 others in a Hong Kong-style dragon  boat.

6. My job as an Art Researcher…is the berries!!

7. Portland reminds me of London….with the river running through it….and my girlfriends (and their families) who live here/there…and other stuff…

At this juncture I think that there are supposed to be links to seven other websites that I find  wonderful, delightful and too good NOT to pass along.

That would include you, My Reader.  You know who you are.

This is, honestly, an easy-out for me….primarily because I subscribe to the thought that  when I see a number by my name…as in stats/followers…or age…

I don’t have to have that number go up.

I just think My Reader thinks the same.

You’re welcome…..

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