*gasping* times two…this just isn’t helping me at all and I don’t mean to sound ungrateful because I am. My Reader is beginning to nod affirmatively over the plethora of awards to be awarded, award “badges” (similar to Girl Scout achievements…however not to be sewn on to any body part…and Warned: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME caveat), award thanks from recipients and soon-to-be-receivers, plus all the resulting fallout to the “awarders” and the “awardees”…*gasp* *gasp* plus,  one *gulp*.

Girl Scout in uniform

Girl Scout in uniform (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I used to look like this without the glasses...but had waaaay more badges. This GS obviously is NOT badge-motivated. Just sayin'.......

Need I say more? Yes, apparently.

Rules are important. Necessary…yet…made to be dare I say broken?

My Reader is going to have to deal with…changed.

I’m Not Lost, Just Weird and jensinewall bestowed upon JOTS the KREATIVE BLOGGER [award] and the I’M IT [award].

Jots is thanking both NoZ and Jensine  posthumously…as opposed to anonomously…because *gasp* you are [true story] killing me softly…

Hour 1:    Read award. Shower off sweat. Read award again. Print out.
Hour 2:    Read award. Curse. Curse again. Sweat. Shower. Read again.
Hour 3:    Figure out rules. Curse. Throw away print-out of rules.
Hour 4:    Print again. Change rules. Curse. Make new rules.
Hour 5:    Break for lunch. Take much needed nap.
Hour 6:    Interesting answers (about me)to KREATIVE BLOGGER questions:
1.    Yes, most of the time.
2.    Never…but sometimes.
3.    All of the above so far.
4.    Voracious.
5.    Right is always left. Left is sometimes right. Depends.
6.    Perhaps.
7.    All of the above.
Hour 7:    I’M IT answer to favourite artist and why:
1.    Vermeer. Nothing extra is always more.
Hour 8-15:    I kid you not…linking, cutting, pasting, editing, drafting, re-writing, re-cutting, accidentally deleting, re-writing and….
lots and lots of  cursing. Over. The. Top. Cursing.

Hour 16-36: Post first draft. Repeat hours 8-15.

TODAY:     Post final copy.

P.S.            My Reader is hoping  JOTS gets black-listed for rule breaking and changing and other major infractions.
P.P.S.        Pleeeeze………………