I already know that My Reader is not going to believe what I’ve done to keep from writing this much-needed award recognition from: I’m Not Lost Just Weird, jensine, Zen and Genki, and last, but not least, BASED ON A TRUE STORY.

Below is a bone fide list of “working avoidance tasks”  I’ve used and  perfected to keep from sharing the fact that I’ve been given the following awards: LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD


KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE: Weeks later am now responding to the nice words and  affirmation showered upon me.  Instead of timely groveling gratitude straight away I, JOTS,  have done the following:

1.    Watched for falling trees. Potted trees. On balconies.
2.    Dug holes. Close to, near by but especially in cemeteries.
3.    Re-washed and re-dried clean laundry.
4.    Napped.
5.    Rearranged furniture at A Furniture Store.
6.    Turned the calendar page back to March…..

“Why?”  My Reader asks, “Why the angst?”

WHEREASS: It is down to those pesky rules, and because I don’t do rules very well…but do so enjoy breaking them….

HOWEVER:  Please do consider this my act of supreme contributory contrition and confirmation of contrite conduct…


1.    Favourite colour:    Mark Rothko, Vermeer, Van Gogh, David Hockney, Mary Fedden and Michael Morgan…to name a few.

2.    Favourite number:  It’s a crap shoot…

3.    Passion:    Music…not the least because I’ve just acquired a new piano in celebration of my upcoming birthday, which means I have to practice more  and  live a long, long time even if it is [just] to rationalize the expense.

4.    Favourite flower: Sweet-Peas…when they wave in the wind they remind me of   noisy children on a playground at recess.

5.    Favourite place:    I know my soul was born in England. Every time I return, my heart remains.

6.     Favourite pleasures:    Breaking rules, et al…….

...and of course a cuppa shared with My Reader.

23 thoughts on “BREAKING RULES…

    1. Nice of your to drop by! Portland (Oregon) has a retrospective of Rothko up, as we speak. We’ve waited 10 years….well worth the wait. Indeed! My favourite is Hockney….once a student of Mary Fedden who taught at the Royal Academy..a long time ago. Again, thanks….love your eye…


  1. Well done on the awards!
    I appreciate the extreme avoidance of the rules and really appreciate the fact that you are breaking them!


      1. I love that people are reading and enjoying but the rules are tough! I never pass on a chain letter/email because of the rules and really…something good happening in 7 minutes because I forwarded an email…not likely!


        1. I’m in the process of reading all your blogs!!! AND… I’m a signer-on-er. And…I do so agree about chain letters/emails, showers of any kind, in-home parties of any kind, etc. etc.


          1. LOL! Don’t know that you’ll want to read them all. Most are rough as! But I needed a distraction. Thanks for being a signer-on-er, I couldn’t resist doing the same at your blog! So much for being a rebel 🙂 I’m really just a follower!


  2. Congratulations on the award and the new 88!
    And stay vigilant for those balcony trees. They come out of nowhere…

    Hope the music you play will bring you joy! (or at least solace…)


  3. I read your comments, Raye. Is everything alright? I hope your eggs are sunny-side up this morning…jensine must have esp.
    And I hope you kept your old piano, twinnie. I am enjoying that cuppa right now and I must say it is very tasty!


    1. Everything is certainly sunny-side…it is actually going to be in the 70’s today AND tomorrow. Always a boost about this time because our grey days seem to be the never-ending-story.

      About that piano thing: trading out my 100 yr. old tinkle keys for a newer one…one that stays in tune….and new-to-me tinkler is arriving today!!

      Thanks for asking, Twinnie. Mucho. XXOOX


      1. At least you left your mark on the old beauty. The new owner will find it and know that you loved her, too.
        I bet you can’t wait to start tickling the new ivories! You’re going to have bench-butt tomorrow. 🙂
        I’m glad your day is in the past. Yesterday was a soul-sucking day of housework for me. why can’t we have self-cleaning toilets? Ack!


        1. “Bimps” don’t last long. Thank gawd!!!! We have esp, too…..just ran the loo brush. Will take a snap later today (of tinkler not loo) and do a real show n’ tell…..


            1. WOWIEZOWIE….IS THIS PIANO GREAT OR WHAT?????????????? I told Delivery Guy (one of three) that I loved him!!!! That’s how happy I am. Hear that smile????? I bet you do…


    1. There must be an easier way to link/add images to posts. My nerves are shot and an entire day spent….I am knackered!!! Thank you always for your Sweet-TEA comments.


            1. Can’t see for the tears….here you are half-way around the world hearing….I thought, for sure, the volume was turned way down. Just a bump…or as Peter Sellers would say, “A bimp” in my road.


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