I already know that My Reader is not going to believe what I’ve done to keep from writing this much-needed award recognition from: I’m Not Lost Just Weird, jensine, Zen and Genki, and last, but not least, BASED ON A TRUE STORY.

Below is a bone fide list of “working avoidance tasks”  I’ve used and  perfected to keep from sharing the fact that I’ve been given the following awards: LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD


KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE: Weeks later am now responding to the nice words and  affirmation showered upon me.  Instead of timely groveling gratitude straight away I, JOTS,  have done the following:

1.    Watched for falling trees. Potted trees. On balconies.
2.    Dug holes. Close to, near by but especially in cemeteries.
3.    Re-washed and re-dried clean laundry.
4.    Napped.
5.    Rearranged furniture at A Furniture Store.
6.    Turned the calendar page back to March…..

“Why?”  My Reader asks, “Why the angst?”

WHEREASS: It is down to those pesky rules, and because I don’t do rules very well…but do so enjoy breaking them….

HOWEVER:  Please do consider this my act of supreme contributory contrition and confirmation of contrite conduct…


1.    Favourite colour:    Mark Rothko, Vermeer, Van Gogh, David Hockney, Mary Fedden and Michael Morgan…to name a few.

2.    Favourite number:  It’s a crap shoot…

3.    Passion:    Music…not the least because I’ve just acquired a new piano in celebration of my upcoming birthday, which means I have to practice more  and  live a long, long time even if it is [just] to rationalize the expense.

4.    Favourite flower: Sweet-Peas…when they wave in the wind they remind me of   noisy children on a playground at recess.

5.    Favourite place:    I know my soul was born in England. Every time I return, my heart remains.

6.     Favourite pleasures:    Breaking rules, et al…….

...and of course a cuppa shared with My Reader.