Yesterday was one of those delirious yet delicious happy days. Therefore, this is going to be one of those delirious yet delicious happy stories that may not go down well especially if My Reader woke up this morning in a bad-ass mood and  is not  in a delirious-delicious happy receiving mindful place. I’ll be kind and ask My Reader to leave the room so as not to ruin it for everyone else.

Just leave and don’t slam the door. (My Reader…such a puttz.)

Alone. At last.

Yesterday and two days prior…we received not inches of rain but yards of rain. Rivers in the streets. Flood watches.  Moisture records set.  It is green and lush here for a reason but to receive three months worth of wet stuff in three days is almost asking too much of Northwest Humankind.  Be patient. This isn’t the happy part.

Yesterday.  It’s raining.  I’m on my way to meet The Daughter for lunch. I’ve just come from the doggie wash . Dog is in the back looking clean, fluffly and white-on-white but smelling like the rotten egg damp dog that she is.  Life is good. So very good.   The wet dog smell?    Not so much.  

Clean, fluffly, white-on-white dog.

Here’s the beginning of the happy part…

… stops raining and (here’s the happy happy part) the sun comes out!!! Traffic practically stops.

No kidding and true story.

Traffic. Stand. Still. Stop.  Now aren’t you glad you waited for this…

Enter Lyle Lovett*.

Cars stop long enough for me to dig through the dog biscuits in the console and find the Lyle Lovett and His Big Band CD. Sun is still out. Zowie. Glorious sun. Windows rolled down…in hopes for a quickie left- arm tan line. Music begins and I’m in love all over again….I’m dreaming Texas-Two Step dancing’ with Lyle (he‘s leading)….singin’ harmony (she’s the alto-tenor) with Francine.

I’m just a peachy-keen-smiling‘-and-feelin‘-that-sunshine-singin‘-fool!   Lovin’ it Maximum!!


I’d just forgotten  how, on an  albeit brief sunshiny day,  Lyle made that sunshine last just a bit longer… and how I’m still very much in love with him.  The understanding: in a non-obsessive sort-of way.

The rain (and some predicted snow)  returned.

My Reader returned and snidely commented that I’d forgotten to mention another favourite Lyle song…


…which makes My Reader so much more than a puttz…

Francine, Sweet-Tea, can you give me a call?  Let’s talk…..

*I’ve previously confessed my love (not to be confused with an obsession) with Lyle in a previous story.
It‘s around here somewhere……………..

18 thoughts on “STILL IN…LOVE…LYLE LOV… PART 2

  1. I had a friend who used to wonder what Julia Roberts ever saw in Lyle, and I would then wonder what Lyle ever saw in Julia Roberts.

    Yours Truly,

    Dave Lovett (aka 1pointperspective)


    1. Thanks AC for stopping by. Looked over your underware….the ones wrinkled and stashed in the bottom drawer…and like your style. Wrinkled and stashed works for me.

      A predicted sunny day today for all of us in Portland…Lyle is resting on top of the dog biscuits…soon to appear full-volume to make that sunshine last………….righteous!


  2. Here’s to Dali! And Rain in Tucson!!!! Courtyard Cafe? Know it?
    Mark Rothko exhibit up at the Portland Art Museum, as we speak. Fantastic assemblage of his work. Not surreal (however could be) but more minimal. We waited over ten yrs. for this exhibit to come to us. Well worth the wait!
    About LL…I find his music…actually the sensibility in his written words…esoteric. Himself is writing to me…just me (plus a few more I’m sure)…and I’m a former cow tipper (dairy cows) so I like his cowboy boot (in my case rubber boot) lifestyle. There can be no doubt that we were made for each other……..said in a non-obsessive way.


    1. I’m sure Lyle wouldn’t mind if you wore rubber galoshes…just don’t try to tip the steers! Never been to the Courtyard Cafe but now it’s on my list, next to some LL tunage.


  3. Without a doubt…it’s Himself’s poetic heart-rending abstract punctuating surrealistic use of words,,,and his cattle ranch. I think that does make me shallow……………..


    1. Hey, being well-padded in the wallet department never hurts…not shallow!
      And now I’ve got to check his music out because you mentioned my fave word, surreal! I’m in love with Dali and Burton, I could use some more enchantment in my life.
      Btw, you sent the rain my way…it’s pouring in Tucson!


  4. I’m not much of a LL gal but I LOVE his nose. I am a sucker for unique schnozzes (did I spell that right?) and his is the cat’s meow. But maybe now that you’ve mentioned him (it MUST be lurve!) I may give his music another spin.


      1. Isht, I dig his sniffer. I once dated a guy because his nose was so absolutely heavenly gnarled. It was swoon at first sight. He was 6’5″ and I’m 5′ nada” so it sucked to slow dance.


  5. I imagine listening to music and rain would make the day delish. I’d sit with a cup of tea, which you’ve made me want now, after reading.


  6. L.A County, Church, Memphis!
    Lyle is the goods! And yeah,with the right playlist, he can make the sun shine.

    Glad you got some short relief from the rain, and you have my sympathies for Reader.


    1. Texas-2-Step…I just know Lyle knows how. I’m going to wait for him to show up at my door before I even contemplate accepting any more marriage proposals…..and that’s….a promise! Smile here.


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