It wasn’t as if we starved while on holiday in England which resulted in a serious loss of pounds…as in weight-pounds,  not money-pounds. Safely said,  we walked off all the clotted creams, lattes, teas, sweets, cakes and chocolates we consumed. Our walks along the South Devon Coast not only afforded us stunning vistas of Ladram Bay, Otterton, Exmouth, Branscombe, Axminster, but quarter-way-there park bench breaks gave ample opportunity to eat the lunch we packed early that morning. Our destination, always with a cafe or pub at the half-way mark was set upon with good cheer…for sustenance and the loo. Call it fortification for the hike back to the ranch. Not really the ranch. More like a rose-covered cottage with front and back gardens, patio with table, pear trees. No partridge.

We four became quite good at eating ahead…usually several days ahead.

There were four of us in our “consumption of food” group, which gave a plethora of choices to be made whether eating in (which we did a lot) or eating out (which we did occasionally). Sharing individual choices, especially desserts was never questioned: “Four spoons, please.” Echo. Echo. Echo. Echo.

The following snaps show a few of the meals we prepared ourselves, a couple of bench top feasts, and of course, the refreshing and much-needed afternoon tea/coffee repast.

Fresh Fig and Pear Salad

Sunday Roast with Yorkshire Pudding

Janie’s Everyday Plum Cake with Honeycomb Vanilla Ice Cream. What can I say…..?

Afternoon Tea. No Eccles Cakes…..

More Tea.  No Cake.

Not chips…..cake. Cake. Cake!!!

Finally. Eccles Cake.

My Reader is pleased that we were never-ever at a loss…for eating. Period.

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