I read a lot of books. My favourite are mind-numbing mysteries that help me wind down at the end of a hectic day. Book characters can and do reveal much of what an author wants to say whether time [and I refer to present time in this instance) appropriate or not.

Author Peter Steiner’s L’Assassin was not written yesterday but his character’s definition of fear could have been written, if one is cognizant of media offerings….this morning. Or, for that matter, any recent morning.

There is a curious quality, more a failing, really, that all humans share, even the most intelligent and reasonable among us. It is this: fear and uncertainty can, and usually do, overwhelm even the most unassailable facts. Fear and uncertainty are stronger and more compelling than factual evidence can ever be, especially when the evidence is ambiguous, as evidence almost always is. And the weight of evidence has a peculiar way of turning in the direction in which fear directs it.

Touche’, Mr. Steiner.

Point well taken.

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