My friend Bill has quite a wonderful way with words. He writes “musings” now and then and distributes them… I’d like to think to very special people. I’m on his distribution list which confirms…how very special it is to receive from Bill. In his own words, “In writing these Musings, I know that not everyone will agree with my views, but it is my intention to write with historical integrity as I look at current issues with the eyes of faith.”  Bill is a retired minister and I think everything he looks at is through faith. Write on.

Bill’s “Musings” always give me pause for thought. This issue, No.B-27, was no exception. It dealt with integrity and truth. Integrity as in  truth in words. It seems we haven’t been getting enough truth lately even though there is, I’m sure, plenty to go around. If you haven’t guessed by now I’m talking truth in words with priority given to our national level of rhetoric and information.

I’m worried and My Reader should be, too, for I do believe omission can be and most often is a form of betrayal. I’m talking about views that have been coloured to make us feed good about what is…truthfully…not so good. I’m talking about the plethora of information that provides the tools that allows us to colour and arrange our individual world in a schematic that is comfortable, secure and safe. When, in truth, it is not.

What happens when some of the necessary tools to create a better life  for ourselves and perhaps others are altered? Omitted? Altogether? Somewhat?  What if the tools provided to us aren’t all the tools we need to decide what kind of future we want for ourselves?

I’m worried and My Reader should be, too.  I know that we as world citizens have been betrayed in the broadest sense.  We have come to believe a truth that has been altered to colour a new world order  based on personal power and greed.  We have come to believe that what was once unacceptable  on a world-wide level is now acceptable.  We have also come to believe that  destruction is the only tool to combat fear and terror. This is what I know:  we have come to believe that what was once ethically and morally wrong… is now right.

I’m knowing about the Sureness of Me that knows right from wrong. I’m knowing about the Sureness of Me that inherently knows when someone is not telling the  truth. The whole truth. I’m knowing about the Sureness of Me that begs for a truth.  What if I know that that truth gives me a  false or coloured truth.  What then?

I’m worried and My Reader should be too that we have been silent for to long a time.

It is time to be loud. It is time to stand tall.

Half truths…make whole lies.




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    1. Geez Tony…did you look at the date on that? A year ago this month!! Can’t remember exactly what brought that tirade on: war lies or former husband lies. Whatever….it’s still crazy out there. Drive carefully………


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